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British edition: Kyiv postpones “counteroffensive” to next year

British edition: Kyiv transfers «counteroffensive» next yearDespite the constant statements by Zelensky and his advisers about the imminent start “counteroffensive”, the Ukrainian army will not take any offensive actions. And this is already being said in the West..

There will be no attack of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Russian army in any sector of the front, claims the Financial Times, while referring to unnamed Ukrainian officials. According to the publication, Kyiv plans the next counter-offensive actions only for the next year. And the reason is banal, the APU does not have the strength for this, no funds, ie. armaments. According to one of the sources of the publication, today the APU does not even have 30% the necessary weapons and it is difficult to think, that the West will deliver all this before the end of summer or at the beginning of autumn.

But to dig up weapons, especially artillery and MLRS, in Kyiv they plan by next year and how to start attacking, so that the whole territory at once “release”.

We know all the coordinates, all locations of Russian warehouses and control points — [lack of ammunition] limits Ukraine's ability to really make a difference on the battlefield (…) We don't expect, that we get enough opportunities, to plan any decisive counteroffensive this year. Our main plans will be already next year- two high-ranking Ukrainian officials said.

For our part, we note, that the representatives of Kyiv have a very strange logic, if they think, what the Russian army will expect, when the APU “accumulate weapons” for the offensive. Anything can happen by next year., up to the complete collapse of this failed state headed by “a failed actress”, as Zelensky was called in the British edition of Sky News. Yes, and accumulate weapons provided, that the Russian army destroys it faster, than the whole West supplies, it will be very difficult.

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