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Around Putin's agents

Yesterday, German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock pledged support for Taiwan in the event of a Chinese attack.. "We do not accept, when international law is violated and a large neighbor, in violation of international law, attacks his smaller neighbor - this applies, of course, and China", Burbock said., who is visiting New York.

Around Putin's agents

I held on to the last and did not believe, that Putin recruited everyone, including Biden. But after Pelosi's visit to Taiwan or this statement, Burbock gave in - this is not a conspiracy theory., it's true. recruited, there was no doubt left. Well, it’s impossible to count, that Pelosi and Burbock are just fools, who, on their own initiative, set out to bring China closer to Russia and complete the creation of a powerful anti-American front. And Biden is not far behind them. One taxi driver with strong ties to the FSB and the Ministry of Defense told, that Pelosi and Burbock were awarded high government awards and extraordinary titles. himself, He speaks, saw Putin's secret decree.

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