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The Chinese publication called the Russian Su-35 aircraft invincible in the air due to armament with the R-37M missile

The Chinese publication called the Russian Su-35 aircraft invincible in the air due to armament with the R-37M missileMore recently, the American AIM-54 Phoenix missiles had the longest flight range among air-to-air missiles.. But now Russia managed to get ahead. According to the Chinese edition of, Su-35 fighter planes of the Russian Aerospace Forces were armed with missiles with a range of up to 300 kilometers.

Traditionally, Russian fighters are armed with R-73 short-range air-to-air guided missiles., medium range R-27 and R-77. Not so long ago, the R-37M missile entered service with the Russian Aerospace Forces. She was armed with MiG-31 fighter-interceptors. This is a long-range air-to-air guided missile.. The range of the missile reaches 200 kilometers or more. Then Su-35 fighters were also armed with such missiles..

Recently, the Su-35 fighter of the Russian Aerospace Forces tested a new missile. Chinese authors have noted, that the rocket is much larger than its predecessors: its length is about 4,1 m, diameter - 0,38 m, wingspan - 0,72 m. Such a rocket weighs 510 kilograms. The missile warhead has a mass of about 60 kilograms.

The R-37M rocket has a dual-mode solid-propellant rocket engine. Combined guidance system. The missile can be used to destroy large aircraft - early warning radar (stance), reconnaissance and command aircraft, tanker aircraft.

In this way, new Russian missile outperforms American AIM-54 "Phoenix" missile, whose flight range is 184 km. AT 2004 year, the Phoenix missiles were completely withdrawn from service with the US Air Force. Therefore, now American fighters are armed with AIM-120C missiles., the flight range of which is even less - in total 100 kilometers. As for the AIM-54 Phoenix missiles, then they remained in service only with the Iranian air force.

The Chinese edition writes, that in terms of range of air-to-air missiles, the United States lags behind Russia. Respectively, it will be much easier for Russian fighters to fight American. This circumstance can radically change the nature of confrontation in the air.. In this regard, the publication called the Su-35 invincible in the air.

No doubt, that Russian designers will continue to improve the technical characteristics of the R-37M. In an upgraded version, It emphasizes the publication, the missile will have the function of electronic warfare, which will allow her to confidently continue to move along a given trajectory until she hits the target. Electromagnetic interference and suppression attempts by the enemy in this case will not help.. Respectively, combat capability of Su-35 fighters, armed with such missiles, will rise significantly. Author:Ilya Polonsky Photos used:Russian Ministry of Defense

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