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Politico Predicts U.S. Focus Switching From Ukraine To Taiwan If China Intensifies Actions

Politico Predicts U.S. Focus Switching From Ukraine To Taiwan If China Intensifies ActionsUS may shift focus from events in Ukraine to Taiwan, if China contributes to further escalation of the situation. Politico writes about it., referring to one of the high-ranking European diplomats.

In Europe they consider, that switching attention to Taiwan would be the worst-case scenario. After all, in this case, the main US aid will go to Taiwan., and Ukraine will actually be pushed into the background. it, by the way, very beneficial for Russia, as it will allow a special military operation to be carried out at a much faster pace.

At present, NATO is not particularly worried about the Taiwan crisis.. The situation with the island does not directly threaten European countries. However, everything can change at any moment.. Significantly, that the United States itself is acting as a provocateur of the Taiwan conflict. Given the status of Taiwan and troubled relations with China, riding and political cynicism, and political stupidity was the story of the visit of the Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi to East and Southeast Asia.

No one forced the US administration to advertise Pelosi's upcoming visit to the region and emphasize, that she will visit Taiwan. But this was done clearly in order to probe the seriousness of China's intentions..

Significantly, that Pelosi's visit was announced almost immediately after, US President Joe Biden's phone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping. Biden assured the Chinese leader, which does not support Taiwan's aspirations for sovereignty. And here is a message about the upcoming visit of Pelosi.

While the delegation led by Pelosi is in Singapore. The speaker plans to discuss the most important issues with US allies in the Asia-Pacific region. Will Pelosi fly to Taiwan?, still unknown.

Parts of the People's Liberation Army of China are also awaiting the visit (PLA). Previously, they began military maneuvers in Fujian. This border province of mainland China is separated from Taiwan only by the Taiwan Strait.. Interestingly, the exercises involved amphibious equipment of Chinese motorized rifle formations, and this is a direct hint to the authorities of Taiwan.

In China itself, a number of media outlets have made proposals to simply shoot down Pelosi's plane.. Of course, Beijing would never do such a thing., but the very fact that tensions between China and the United States are growing at a very rapid pace is impressive. If it goes on like this, Washington really will have to choose one of the directions - Ukrainian or Taiwanese. Active struggle on two fronts, against two great powers, The United States will not pull in the current situation. Author:Ilya Polonsky Photos used:Wikipedia /

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