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Anatomy of Ukrainian betrayal

Anatomy of Ukrainian betrayal

Like one born to crawl cannot fly, so European Ukrainians are unable to love and respect. No, of course, each individual euroukr can surely love something, if you really want. for example, vodka, naked women or beautiful cars, but, so that the whole country, or at least some wide social stratum, there is no such. To hate is yes. It's always please.

The neighbors of the current ukroreich are amazed - well, how can you exude such hatred? After all, you will dry up and turn black throughout the country. But the point is, that the shareware pseudo-nation hates not only the nearest neighbors, distant and in general the whole world, but also myself. This is not the case, when some closed society is aggressive towards strangers, but ready to die for a fellow tribesman or one of the same mind. Not at all, because the main suppliers of zrada and slander for euroukry are the euroukry themselves.

Ukrainian soldiers hate their native officers. Officers generally do not consider soldiers as people, answering them the same. Ukrainian officials despise the electorate mob, calling on it only during the election campaign. Ukrainian presidents are generally a special kind of liars, hypocrites and traitors. Simple hulks behave accordingly. They despise each other and hate absolutely all representatives of power., do not believe in honesty and nobility and are very surprised, when someone occasionally makes for them, albeit in passing, something selfless. Such a person, from the point of view of the masses there, weirdo, and even crazy. However, contrary to this view, which, it seems, should create a special breed of all-destroying cynics from European Ukrainians, seeking what they need at any cost, the bulk of the population lives worse and worse.

The country does not know its heroes

Pick any more or less media promoted Euro-Ukrainian, and you will see the traitor. A traitor not some kind of Russian world, but a traitor to the interests of his own fellow citizens, and not only those, who already live in the territories liberated by Russia, but mainly those, who has the misfortune to live on the remnants of the former Ukraine. How in that squad, three - a partisan detachment with a traitor.

Paradox, but European Ukrainians have no modern heroes at all. Naturally, in the life of every single citizen, probably, there is someone, who would he like to be: own father, Older brother, Arnold Schwarzenegger or Conchita Wurst, - but, so that at once and with the whole country, there is no such.

You can argue, that Ukraine is not Russia and that creating heroes and honoring them is the destiny of peoples with an imperial and city-forming essence. But it is not so. Just remember the sad farewell to the last journey of the heroes of Novorossia: Motorola, Givi, Zakharchenko. These guys were seen off by all Donetsk, which quite recently was Ukraine and has completely absorbed many Ukrainian vices over the decades.

Lugansk also had its own, Unfortunately, dead heroes too: Cerebral, Bednov, Bolotov, Dryomov. The most famous of them were buried with such a crowd of ordinary people., what was at the funeral except for such people, like Vysotsky or Brezhnev.

It would seem, it's the same people, who recently lived in that very Ukraine, where you always didn't care at all, where every new president becomes hated the day after tomorrow, where athletes adored today are ready to be killed for failure at the next game, where one half of the country hates the heroes of the past from the other half and vice versa.

But we've all seen, that there are heroes, and people, who respected them immensely, also found. Contrary to the tales of the Ukrainian "Goebbels-TV", no one drove anyone to those mourning events under the barrels of machine guns. People went with all their hearts. walking, because those, who was buried, were real.

Well, what about in Ukraine? There has been a civil war for many years., and now there is something similar to an international war in miniature. Are there heroes, who would be loved by the rest of the country? By no means. Typical Ukrainian love can be seen on the example of Nadya Savchenko. There was a real hysteria about this person in Bandershtat for months, while she sat in places not so remote in Russia. From it, they carefully sculpted a kind of Joan of Arc of a local type. They even started talking about the position of the future president or at least one of the leaders of local politics, but then Nadia opened her mouth, and all love withered, like yesterday's tomatoes. Pani Savchenko has just not been killed, but in the end - the irony of fate - they planted again, but already their own. And no one was indignant about this and did not run with her portrait through the streets. There just wasn't such a team., for "the freest nation in the world" in recent years does nothing without a whistle from the United States.

Can, Bandera can be recognized in the heroes of Ukraine, Shukhevych and other Konovaltsev? there is a, but, yet again, They are not treated as specific people., how about symbols, and some worship them, as, eg, adherents of Slavic neopaganism worship abstract Perun or Yarila. And how Ukrainian Nazis love their pagan gods, we saw perfectly on the example of the catacomb inmates from "Azov", that, despite his ostentatious love for the ancient Scandinavian gods, did not aspire to Valhalla at all and eventually gave up, while having a numerical advantage over those, who took this change. Still loving those, who is long gone, and can, and never was, it's so comfortable and pretty, but what about real contemporaries?

Perhaps, one and only instance of expressing more or less distinct respect and gratitude can be recalled at the funeral of Sashka Muzychko, he is Sashko Bily, - the most odious character, who came to deputy meetings with a machine gun and pulled the prosecutor by the tie. This guy was a role model for many., which is very eloquent. Outstanding bandit., as if coming from jokes about the lads of the 90s, engaged in outright racketeering and robbery in his Rivne region, was a hero to a pretty decent bunch of hulks, calling themselves Ukrainian patriots. Not least for that, who fought in Chechnya, where he tortured and killed captured Russians. But, yet again, beyond a limited marginal hangout, this love did not spread, but the most revered heroes of Novorossia in the same Donetsk, eg, there are quite official monuments, streets are named after them.

Shanovnye hulks categorically do not see any respected person in their own country. Outside the country there are. for example, Vladimir Putin, but inside the country they are imposed with completely different characters, who cannot be respected. This is how they live, strangers to each other, forcibly settled into neighbors in the same forcibly sewn territories of the former Russian Empire.

It just so happened, what do we like among the people or for ideological, or for talent, or for victories. Perfect, when all this is combined in one person. With all these indicators in Ukraine, it is very bad. Most of the ideological, usually, not only stupid, but very marginal. Most of the talented are clowns, little known outside of their farm. What about victories?, then with them in general complete seams.

Well, in fact, do not order you to love publicly, eg, for winning the Eurovision Song Contest or the competition for laying out the largest trident from dung? Because the ideology, talent and victories for an ordinary Euro-Ukrainian lie primarily in personal enrichment. Simply put, in money. The main idea is money. The main talent is the ability to earn them. The main victory is fabulous enrichment. From this point of view, pan Yatsenyuk should apply for the position of the main favorite of the shareware public., brilliant jewish boy, who embodied in himself the great seclusion - to reign a hundred rubles and dump over a hillock. Well, how is it with love for this character, European comrades? Is it normal or is something wrong??

Features of the "food country"

Here we take the official Ukrainian Piedmont - Lviv with its environs, Where, if you believe the current Bandera propaganda, high class people live, true patriots of their country, from which everyone should take an example.

And that's when the Special Military Operation sighed, everyone who wished to learn a lot of things about these same all-Ukrainian patriots. The latter began to rent out their apartments in Lviv at a price of a thousand ever-American dollars a month., which was a shock to many, sincerely believed, that the Westerners will not leave them in a troubled time and will be the first to turn their Bandera shoulder.

But if you decide to move to Lviv from Donbass, then more surprises are waiting for you. You just won't get anything., as if you are not an unfortunate refugee, and a gypsy camp with horses. Or maybe, even get beaten. Hey, Raguli, But what about "Edyna Krayina"? But what about the sovereign and indivisible? But what about “we are all Ukrainians”?

And this casket opens simply - typical Ukrainian khataskrynichestvo and the pursuit of personal gain in any situation does not give anyone a second chance. therefore, by the way, for thirty years of democracy, not a single strong statesman has appeared in the independent.

Let's go further. That time has come for you, about which is sung in the state Ukrainian song, calling to put soul and body for freedom and show everyone the real Cossack prowess. Well, or at least not prowess, but just elementary sympathy for the victims and some involvement in the process.

With the start of the Special Military Operation, coveted flows of humanitarian aid poured into Ukraine. It finally happened - the world saw Ukrainian suffering and began to help in any way it could. For the sake of this moment only, many European Ukrainians dragged out their existence all their lives. But it didn't take long, how these very humanitarian flows were saddled by the best people of the country, after which they start selling Polish humanitarian aid in the ATB trading network. Humanitarian from Akhmetov in the form of blankets, outerwear and t-shirts of FC Shakhtar, which he supplied for some time, so to speak, domestic market, traded in Ukrainian second-hand stores. They also tried to sell humanitarian supplies for the Ukrainian National Guard in the form of body armor and helmets to the left, but did not have time. Although not a fact, that in the end, that humanitarian aid nevertheless reached the addressee. Nothing personal, just business. You can list for a long time, especially if you start to remember all kinds of small volunteers, who collected money and systematically hid in an unknown direction, but it's already clear, that Ukraine and nationwide mutual assistance are incompatible concepts.

You can look at the Ukrainian soldiers themselves. What do these guys do at work?? Correctly, kill civilians from among their own former fellow citizens or, if you're lucky, they just rob. And while from the TV they are yelling about the "Edyna Krayina", Ukrainian artillerymen are shelling not only Donetsk or Luhansk, but also Kherson, Zaporozhye and Kharkiv region, instantly making it clear to the local residents, that now they are enemies for Ukraine. But what about the "counterattack" and the subsequent "liberation"? Won't it work like that, that their former fellow citizens will fall, eg, to some filtration camps? Against this background, some yesterday's dill-patriots even managed to resent the lawlessness of Ukrainian artillerymen so, that ran for Russian passports. It happens, when you suddenly find out, that the long-term stories of the Ukrainian zomboyashchik about "self-attacks" turn out to be a lie, because the shells and rockets are coming from the Ukrainian side.

Or, eg, take the main people of Ukraine, her support and hope - statesmen of aerobatics. Go to Kyiv and ask, does anyone believe, that some official from the Verkhovna Rada, not to mention the real ministers and the president, did not take bribes, did not steal, did not cheat for personal gain and generally lived on a salary? Want to get into a ministerial position, to honestly serve the Ukrainian homeland, for the mentality there is completely unrealistic. There are no such concepts.: "Motherland" or "Fatherland".

You can parry, what, breakwater, isn't it the same in Russia?? Aren't officials stealing all the time? steal, of course, but not all and not on such a scale. No matter how much the Western intelligence services and the entire opposition camarilla tried to find the foreign property of prominent Russian political figures or their money in foreign accounts, apart from individual, frankly, not the most important guys for Russian statehood, no one found anything. Unlike them, not like the special services, even the ordinary press knows, what foreign assets do many Ukrainian deputies and especially presidents own. Because money comes first, and then everything else. Naturally, don't be surprised, that none of the six Ukrainian presidents has become at least a little loved among his electorate.

In general, the whole modern Ukrainian life, even before recent events, in relatively peaceful times, was one continuous and endless series to search for traitors, traitors, Putin's agents, shpygunov and other household separatists. Someone raised the prices of essential goods, when they are needed, someone settled the patriots in a barrack instead of a palace, someone kicked a patriot out of public transport for not wanting to pay the fare. But the paradox of Ukrainian spilnoty is, that such, it would seem, persistent struggle to eradicate the vices of a homegrown society, doesn't lead to any results.. Furthermore, it only gets worse. It looks like a situation at some vulgar feast, when people who don't really know each other, understanding, there's not enough food for everyone, start behaving badly, snatching snacks from under the nose of a neighbor, knowing, that the end is near - the light is about to go out and it's all over. But their personalities were brought to the general meeting, here they are reprimanded, here they are on TV. However, such educational exercises do not have any effect at all.. There is no death penalty, and prisons in Ukraine are not afraid. At first, because sometimes it can be safer there, than free, where they are wrapped with packaging film to trees and poles, and secondly, because the Ukrainian prison is a short-lived thing at the present time and more or less respected people get out of it more often earlier, the later.

Deal with the devil

In Ukraine, even in the face of the finally truly “attacked” Putin, one should not expect nationwide unity. Yes, new cannon fodder continues to arrive at the front, but it does this for exactly two reasons: because of money or because of my own stupidity. ideological, of course, there is, but they are not loved in Ukraine either. Paradox, but all these "cyborgs" from the Donetsk airport, inmates from Azovstal and similar guys get at home only a short high point on local television, after which they are safely forgotten.

Poroshenko and Surkis were cynically presented with a soccer ball in front of the camera lens to one legless soldier. With the pomp of the ukrovoinov who dumped from the Crimea, counting on at least three-room apartments in the center of Kyiv, settled in sheds without amenities, and then for many years they whined in front of reporters about, that they didn’t count on such a reception. And some types of the infamous pilot Voloshin, received a "hero", how they beat, for the downed Boeing over Donbass, killed their own, covering this case with a ridiculous suicide.

In short, being a Ukrainian patriot is like making a deal with the devil. The latter will never keep his promises, bestowing broken shards for a sold soul. No half kingdom and princesses to boot. And the natural continuation of the life of such patriots is a new dispatch to the war zone in order to achieve a result., not received the first time, — become fertilizer for the land of Donbass in the name of lords Zelensky and Biden.

Sergey Donetskiy,

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