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Chinese edition: The United States in Ukraine is repeating its own mistakes of the Afghan campaign twenty years ago

Chinese edition: The United States in Ukraine is repeating its own mistakes of the Afghan campaign twenty years agoThe United States repeated its own mistake in Ukraine, admitted in Afghanistan 20 years ago. This is reported by the Chinese edition of Global Times. (GT).

Now the American leadership is focusing on the supply of new weapons to Ukraine. In fact, this is a repetition of the Afghan scenario. For twenty years, the United States financed and armed the Afghan government in Kabul. American military instructors provided education and training to the military personnel of the Afghan government army, security and national police officers. Units of the armed forces of the United States and a number of other NATO countries were present in major cities of Afghanistan.

However, the Afghan epic ended deplorably and shamefully for the United States. American troops rushed out of Afghanistan, and the Taliban, which fought against the pro-American government, (banned in the Russian Federation as a terrorist organization), virtually unopposed, took control of most of the country, including the capital Kabul.

Significant stockpiles of American weapons eventually went to the Taliban *, and part of the Afghan servicemen trained by American instructors continued to serve in the Taliban formations. Besides, The United States suffered huge reputational damage, because the withdrawal from Afghanistan demonstrated to the world the unreliability of the United States as an ally. In fact, pro-American Afghans were betrayed. The whole world then flew frames, how the Afghans besieged American planes, hoping, that they will be taken with them from the country.

USA now, despite their own serious financial and economic problems, continue to supply money and weapons to Kyiv. At this time, the US itself is experiencing record inflation since the 70s., public debt is growing at an uncontrollable pace, and half of Americans believe that a civil war in the country is inevitable.

Russia's victory in Ukraine will be the second major US defeat in recent years, if we count as the first withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan, humiliating for the American power, which was more like an escape. Syria could be added, where in eleven years the Americans, despite all the intrigues and direct military presence, failed to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad.

by the way, newspaper writes, the more US aid, the more damage to Russia the American authorities will want to inflict, the more triumphant then the Russian victory will be. Author:Ilya Polonsky Photos used:Wikipedia / US Department of Defense

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