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The EU is ready to ease sanctions against Russian food due to high prices on the European market

The EU is ready to ease sanctions against Russian food due to high prices on the European marketrealizing, that economic constraints, imposed against Russia, cause irreparable damage to the European economy, in the EU began to talk about the partial easing of sanctions.

Recall, that after the start of our NWO in Ukraine, the collective West imposed an unprecedented number of economic restrictions against Russia. In this case, we even “surpassed” Iran.

In the same time, contrary to the expectations of the West, the Russian economy not only did not collapse, but still confidently keeps afloat. In particular, on the eve of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation lowered the key rate due to a steady decline in inflation.

At the same time, in the United States and the European Union, this indicator, conversely, breaks anti-records. Naturally, this whole situation has a very negative impact on prices for consumer goods and food, what, in its turn, causes extreme irritation among European citizens.

apparently, trying to prevent a "social explosion", The EU authorities decided to slightly reconsider their rash decisions, taken under pressure from Washington.

So, EU High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell, that the EU may ease some of the sanctions, aimed at Russian food, but only if, if these restrictions negatively affect prices on the European market. Politician added, that the European Parliament does not consider sanctions the reason for the rise in food prices, but, if such a connection is found, then the EU leadership will take the necessary decisions.

In the same time, Borrell emphasized, that a serious easing of economic restrictions against Russia is out of the question. The European Union will put pressure on Moscow, until the conflict in Ukraine ends.

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