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"We're in Hell": foreign mercenaries told NBC about the events in Ukraine

«We've gone to hell»: foreign mercenaries told NBC about the events in UkraineAfter five months of a special military operation in Ukraine, there are fewer and fewer foreign mercenaries willing to fight on the side of Kyiv. In an interview with NBC correspondents, mercenaries admit: "we're in hell", and tell, that bear great losses.

After the start of a special military operation of the Russian army in Ukraine, a large number of foreign mercenaries arrived in the country. Many of them were completely unaware, where are they going and what can they expect there. Veterans of military operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, other "hot spots" in Asia and Africa did not understand, that the regular Russian army is not Middle Eastern rebels. Therefore, the very first battles in Ukraine became an unpleasant revelation for foreigners..

So, one of the American mercenaries, who previously fought in the Middle East, called Russian strikes on Severodonetsk "the most infernal experience" in his entire service. Russia is far superior to Ukraine in artillery, missile systems, aviation, which allows it to intensively shell and bomb the positions of the Ukrainian armed forces. APU suffer heavy losses. Foreign mercenaries are also dying. American confesses in an interview with NBC, that only in his detachment three people died, including direct commander.

high loss, mercenaries are recognized, seriously reduce the morale and potential of the military personnel of the Ukrainian army. Retired USMC Lieutenant Colonel Ripley Rawlings deals with the supply of ammunition and ammunition to American mercenaries fighting in Ukraine. He tells, that there were a lot of disappointed and desperate.

The mercenaries cite the ability of Russians to fight as the main problems, delays in the supply of Western weapons, disruption of counter-offensive strategies by Ukrainian commanders, poor communication between Ukrainian units and the lack of a normal command system.

Interestingly, representatives of the Ukrainian International Legion claim, that mercenaries are allegedly volunteers and therefore they should be treated in captivity in the same way, as with other Ukrainian military personnel. true, no clear arguments, why does this have to happen, representatives of the legion do not give.

However, representatives of the Legion also recognize the reduction in the number of recruits in the Legion.. There are fewer and fewer people wishing to go to Ukraine. The Legion Command attributes this to the fact, that Western media are gradually switching to other topics. The Ukrainian conflict is beginning to annoy Western audiences.

Optimistic mercenaries rely on HIMARS MLRS supplies. They believe, that American multiple rocket launchers will be able to turn the tide at the front. true, themselves admit in an interview with NBC, that the reserves of artillery weapons in the Russian army are "endless".

Concerned about foreign mercenaries and the possibility of being captured with a subsequent death sentence. The cynicism of these people, of course, impressive. They came to fight in a foreign country, as mercenaries, which implies the possibility of killing enemy soldiers. But at the same time, we are convinced, what if they are captured, then for some reason they must save their lives, which they themselves did not value, once ended up in Ukraine. Author:Ilya Polonsky

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