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The Secret Wars of the Pentagon

The Secret Wars of the Pentagon

About military operations abroad by proxy

The Secret Wars of the Pentagon

For many years, different US administrations have been waging proxy wars as part of the secret 127e program., writes the American Internet portal Intercept. Since 2017 by 2020 year Pentagon, indicate the authors of the article Nick Thors and Alice Speri, launched 23 programs of so-called proxy wars, primarily in the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific. It cost US taxpayers 310 millions of dollars.

"Through 127e", newspaper writes, USA arms, train and provide intelligence to foreign forces. But unlike traditional foreign aid programs… 127e partners are then sent on US-led missions., against US enemies and to achieve US goals". hostilities, associated with "127e", may not have congressional approval, required by the constitution.

The Secret Wars of the Pentagon

Intercept explains, that the 127e program allows US special forces to conduct "counter-terrorism operations" in cooperation with foreign and irregular partner forces around the world with minimal external oversight.

retired generals, familiar with the 127e program, known in military jargon as "127-echo", they say, that it is extremely effective in the fight against militant groups, reducing risk to the US military.

The Secret Wars of the Pentagon

Almost no information about these operations is shared with members of Congress., nor State Department officials. Usually, even unknown, where these operations are carried out, their frequency, goals, names of foreign forces, with which the US cooperates. Program critics warn, that it could lead to an unforeseen military escalation and involve the US in a dozen conflicts around the world, as "127e" does not allow for oversight by foreign affairs officials.

Pentagon and Special Operations Command refuse to comment on actions under the 127e program. “We do not provide information about 127e programs”, because they are classified, - told the editors Intercept SOCOM Representative Ken McGraw. The Pentagon prefers to conduct its operations with minimal oversight and has been doing so for many years..

According to the Italian newspaper Newspaper, commenting on the investigation Intercept, compared to traditional military aid, provided by the US, the 127e program is surrounded by a halo of mystery. The newspaper points out, that crimes were often committed in operations under this program. In Egypt, eg, fixed "arbitrary arrests, kidnapping, torture, extrajudicial executions and, perhaps, unlawful air and ground attacks on civilians".

according to a study, conducted by the Watson Institute at Brown University, Italian newspaper notes, there are 85 nations, in which the US government has 2018, 2019 and 2020 years of counterterrorism operations, ranging from air strikes on military targets, ending with the training of foreign military and police forces.

The Secret Wars of the Pentagon

About, that the Pentagon systematically conducts covert military operations abroad, previously reported. AT 2021 year magazine Newsweek I wrote, that in the past 10 years the Pentagon created the largest secret army in history. 60 000 people with fictitious names and fictitious life actively invade the real life of other countries. "Forces, more than ten times outnumbering the entire CIA covert agency, - noted Newsweek, – perform secret missions... as in military uniform, and under civilian cover, in real life and online, sometimes hiding in well-known private companies and agencies”.

The secret army of the Pentagon can be conditionally divided into three large groups. Approximately half of 60 thousand - combat units, undercover fighters, imprisoned for special operations. Traditionally they operate in the Middle East and Africa., but lately they have been recruited for covert operations behind enemy lines of the United States, such as Iran and North Korea. The second division is counterintelligence, data processing, military linguists. And the third - cyber fighters.

The Secret Wars of the Pentagon

In control of the "new secret world", how did you call it Newsweek, there are about 130 private companies, using contractors and subcontractors under false names. Behind them are dozens of little-known government organizations, concluding contracts and supervising the execution. Covert forces spend almost a billion dollars a year to maintain. Newsweek also claimed, that the "secret army" of the Pentagon is also a tool to fight Russia and China in conditions "below the level of armed conflict".

The Pentagon also operates in Ukraine. The military observer of Komsomolskaya Pravda, retired colonel Viktor Baranets, gave a list of objects, which, even before the start of the JMD, the US military was present. According to him, Ukrainian authorities gave the go-ahead for the placement of nine such facilities. Among them is the Yavoriv military training ground near Lviv.. There on a permanent basis were placed about 300 American trainers. According to conservative estimates, in Yavoriv, ​​according to NATO standards, more than 10 thousand. Ukrainians. The second facility is the US Navy base in Ochakovo. South port in 30 km from Odessa is used by the British Armed Forces, etc.. d.

Quite possibly, that these actions of the US military in Ukraine were carried out as part of the secret programs of the Pentagon "127th". However, what are the secrets...

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