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In Kyiv noticed, that the West began to devote less time to training Ukrainian military personnel

In Kyiv noticed, that the West began to devote less time to training Ukrainian military personnelThe West began to devote less time to training the Ukrainian military to manage military equipment of NATO standards, workouts have lost their intensity, reports Foreign Policy with reference to Ukrainian officials.

In Kyiv began to notice, that the West is slowly starting to cool off towards Ukraine, not all European countries, but the majority no longer perceives the conflict so acutely. Yes, and Zelensky with his daily demands began to annoy, then give him weapons, then money. As long as it's not very visible, the inertia of running processes is still strong, there are still statements about the need for assistance, victory over Russia, etc., but there are fewer. Europe wants a return to a well-fed life and cheap energy resources, but does not know how to get out of this situation.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian authorities say, that the West is paying less and less attention to training military personnel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the management of Western weapons. As noted, except for training in firing from M777 howitzers and MLRS HIMARS, other programs have been reduced or canceled altogether, because of this, the Armed Forces cannot use “more advanced systems”.

One more problem, as if “suddenly” fallen on the Ukrainian army – this is the refusal of Western countries to provide some systems for the supplied weapons. for example, in Kyiv complain, that the US refused to supply fire control systems. IN USA, in its turn, stated, that the use of such systems requires appropriate training. Otherwise, expensive weapons can be broken, or it will fall “into the hands of the Russians”.

And American, and British officials (…) insist on, what, if Ukrainian troops get too many too soon or weapons are out of their range, it will break- cites the publication of the words of the Ukrainian official.

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