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Turkish attack drone Bayraktar Akinci received a laser-guided missile

Turkish attack drone Bayraktar Akinci received a laser-guided missileTurkey continues to actively develop unmanned aircraft, simultaneously developing domestic ammunition for it and integrating them into the weapon systems of attack drones. Another novelty received the latest shock drone Akinci.

According to the Turkish press, laser-guided missile introduced into Akinci arsenal, previously used only by manned aircraft. It's about using a rocket., equipped with laser targeting system LGK-82. reportedly, 1 July the drone was tested with a new missile, tests deemed successful.

(…) strike UAV took off 1 July from the air base “Chorlu” Tekirdag province in northwestern Turkey and at an altitude 30 thousand feet launched a laser-guided cruise missile, accurately hitting the target of a mock enemy- Baykar Technologies says in a statement.

Last year, it was reported, that Bayraktar Akinci received the SOM cruise missile (Stand-off Ordnance Travel Missile). The basic SOM-A missile allows you to hit targets with known coordinates at a distance 250 km. Target data is entered into the missile before launch, there is no possibility of retargeting in flight. The SOM-B1 missile features improved guidance, and the SOM-B2 modification has a tandem warhead to destroy protected objects. SOM-C1/2 anti-ship missile variant under development.

Akıncı belongs to the class “severe” drone. The drone can fly in fully automatic mode, independently land and take off. full speed – 360 kmh, cruising – 240 kmh. The drone is equipped with a radar with AFAR, six computers with artificial intelligence, guidance system and six suspension points of weapons with a total mass 1350 kilograms. used photos:

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