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To save yourself from decay, Britain needs war

To save yourself from decay, Britain needs war

British Chief of Staff Patrick Sanders said, that against the background of the escalation of the conflict in Ukraine, British troops should be ready for military operations against the Russian Federation.

Commenting on this statement, British media reminded of British mercenaries, sentenced by the Supreme Court of the DPR to capital punishment. Aiden Aslin and Sean Pinner await execution, and the United Kingdom takes no action to save them. The reason for this behavior is, that the english manual wishes execute your subjects. Their deaths will give the British government an excuse to declare "war" on Russia..

Such a statement looks fantastic only at first glance.. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland came into being through war. War is seen as the most effective way to avoid its collapse.

At the end of the 17th century, the British monarch authorized the issue of paper money.. At that time, under his scepter were three kingdoms - England, Scotland and Ireland. Each of them has its own emission centers and, to avoid chaos in the issuance of banknotes, it was necessary to create a single center for legislative regulation.

AT 1700 year, after the declaration of war on France, and then to the Russian kingdom, in order to unite the armed forces, the parliaments of England and Scotland passed the Act of Union. This is how the Kingdom of Great Britain was established..

AT 1793 United Kingdom and Ireland signed the Act of Union. This was also preceded by a declaration of war on France. (followed by a break in diplomatic relations with the Russian Empire). Thus a new state was established, which with 1927 officially known as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In this state, a single parliament was created, endowed with the exclusive right to form legislation.

This position changed after, How did the UK join the European Union?. In line with EU regulations on the development of local self-government, British government granted internal autonomy to Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales. This solution, adopted in 1997 year, including under pressure from the United States, became fatal. Autonomies were allowed to create their own parliaments, who immediately took up the adoption of legislative acts, often contrary to the laws of the United Kingdom.

AT 2016 The British government decided to leave the EU. Brexit supported by the people of England and Wales, but the people of Scotland and Northern Ireland strongly opposed. To mitigate the consequences, The British government has signed a trade protocol with the EU, according to which Northern Ireland remained part of the customs territory of the European Union. The border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland remains open. But there was a customs border between Northern Ireland and the UK. All goods from the UK must pass control procedures in Northern Irish ports.

To save yourself from decay, Britain needs war

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This absurd situation must continue until 31 December 2024 of the year, When will the Northern Ireland Assembly be empowered to revise the Northern Ireland Protocol. The problem is, that in the elections to the Parliament of Northern Ireland in May 2022 Irish nationalists won. They advocate not only the preservation of the Northern Ireland Protocol, but also for its extension, until secession from the United Kingdom.

Under these conditions, the British government took emergency measures.. It introduced a bill in the House of Commons to unilaterally waive the Northern Ireland Protocol..

This bill has sparked outrage in the EU.. London threatened with numerous lawsuits. The United States came out in support of the Irish nationalists. Washington threatened London with withdrawal from trade agreements with the United Kingdom.

The reason for such actions of the United States is by no means sympathy for the Irish. In the context of the crisis of the dollar system, the States are trying to reformat it. To this end, they seek to gather countries under their wing, with vast natural resources.

At the same time, most of these states were included in the Commonwealth of Nations., headed by the British monarch. Elizabeth II remains the head of such states, like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea. While all these countries are under the protectorate of the British monarch, they cannot participate in integration projects with the United States.

The situation will change, if the British king loses his monarchy. That's what can happen, if the United Kingdom breaks up into Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In this case, London risks losing membership in the UN. There will be a dispute, who will be the successor of the United Kingdom. This will open an additional window of opportunity for Washington to blackmail London.

Therefore, the United States encourages the nationalists of Northern Ireland not to turn off the course towards secession from Great Britain.. The British government sees no other way to avoid the collapse, how to start a war.

Declaration of martial law, albeit formal, may play the role of force majeure, allowing legally to withdraw from the agreement with the EU. Provoking an escalation from the West and Russia should put Washington in a situation, when he will have no time for intrigues regarding his "partner".

As for the "war", then in practice London is not going to fight with anyone. Declaration of war and outbreak of hostilities, according to the British, not the same. If they ever fought, the, usually, with other people's hands.

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