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Convulsions of the spectacle and spasms of fantasies

Convulsions of the spectacle and spasms of fantasies

The return of the rhythm of Reality and the beat of Life is accompanied by a paradoxical activation and intensification of the image imposed on us. A real storm of symbols and signs. Colossal storm, hurricane, tornado of pictures and acts of the play.

In many, living in reality itself, or at least related to it, questions come up over and over: well how is it? After all, February 2022 the rags of the scenery of the disgusting Performance were torn! Indeed, without exaggeration, with a historical breakthrough from the shadow of the theater and the theater of shadows, Russia - and with it those people, cities, countries, that connect their life and future with it! - inflicted such a blow on the disgusted Falsity, with whom she has not met for a third of a century!

But there is nothing surprising or paradoxical here.. As well as nothing unexpected. This dialectic was also evident to the thinkers of previous eras.: eg, as it turned out, the thesis about the aggravation of the class struggle turned out to be more than true. It is also obvious to layman's observation.: it's clear, what a rat, cornered, becomes much more dangerous.

And here in front of us is not small, though a cruel rodent. Before us is a formidable enemy, a third of a century, holding a large part of the world in captivity of false dreams, a third of a century selling dreams and life itself to billions. It was predictable, that such an adversary simply will not give up.

Colored rags dazzle in the sun, - a wandering theater roams the world!

But what turned out to be unpredictable, so this is, what he, this world enemy, at least for now limited primarily to colored tatters.

Yes, this is a strong thesis. And all, who closely follows the events on the territory of the long-suffering ex-Ukrainian SSR, bagpipes howl: "Yeah, just how? Yes, how many weapons were delivered to the Ukrainian regime? Yes, how much money is poured? Yes, how many mercenaries sent?" And much more.

So that's the point, which, compared with the total economic, military and technical potential of Western states, as well as compared to real military needs of the ex-Ukrainian SSR, namely that in performance quantities. After all, the performance also needs a material lining of the scenery., in fabric for dresses and suits (Besides, except that, Andersen's plot with the king, but it hasn't gotten to that point yet.), in the props, is not it? But will this cladding be enough for real castles and a real jousting tournament??

These advertised forty billion dollars of assistance to Ukraine from the United States, on the most superficial verification, are reduced to many times smaller numbers., and most of this "aid" was not going to leave the jurisdiction and even the territory of the United States proper. weapon, as many say, in most positions reimburses the costs for a few days of military operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Mercenaries not only did not turn out to be a powerful combat factor, but also apply image, political, symbolic damage to the states of the West themselves.

So this is not really a return of the somnambulistic West to reality., not using the tools of Life and Reality. This is just an adaptation of some gizmos from life itself for the convincingness of the Spectacle..

Crowds of puppets are changing. Their every look is calculated and true, their every step believable-marks

Another argument in favor of this, recognize, a very bold and even overly optimistic hypothesis is that insane concentration of efforts precisely in the twilight of the Spectacle, and not in the light of Life and Reality.

The West seems to be trying to convince someone of something, so loud, heart-rendingly, he screams furiously. And the hysteria of this verez does not subside for weeks and months, although the media and sociological servants of the Western politicians are already sounding the alarm: the Western electorate is clearly tired of kowtowing before the next favorite with her vulgar-marketing and vulgar-curtisan inclinations, and also gets tired of Russophobia, by the way, far from painless for the Western burghers themselves, bourgeois, Citizens and Ciudadanos. Even if this Russophobia was diligently and for a long time preceded by professionally conducted artillery preparation.

And here, by the way, The West is driving itself into a dead end of a bullish trend. The bet on the calculated-truthful views of the unfortunate injured Norwegian asthmatics and the American holders of papers on therapeutic exceptions could still be interrupted by the bet on the tearful-hateful hysterics of the relatives of the victims of the Malaysian Airlines Boeing., who do not want to understand the true essence and mechanics of the tragic and cruel death of their relatives. But there can be no endless bullish trend.

Not least because, that there are no such talented actors, to play more and more for aortic rupture over and over again, on the "blood in the throat", for a heart attack in the audience. And it is extremely difficult to create such a talented and twisted script., so that the actors from Life and Reality itself play it dramaturgical enough.

Yes there, the Western factory of dreams and illusions is already incapable of creating sane scenarios for itself, finally digging in the dirt and ichor of the next sequels, приквелов, spin-offs, crossovers, rickwells, remakes... Even in its best times, this factory competed with Reality only under certain conditions (whatever the dream sellers and the postmodernists who serve them say about it), and now, when Reality is shaken and returns to itself, for her, things are generally seams.

So they are played out with an agonizing performance in its hysterical-schizoid enumeration of plots, heroes, images, moves, cliffhangers the same banal and boring greasy and marked decks.

That's why B. Zelensky is no longer only for the post-Soviet audience (rather critical and cynical, to immediately understand, what is this about), but often among the burghers of the West is a mixture of disgust, horror, fatigue, ignoring, boredom. The stalemate turned out to be at the performance here, what is there: Salvador Allende da Tomas Sankara is not a product of the play, they are his enemies. Therefore fashion from B. Zelensky any of them failed, despite decalitres of molasses, stuffed into it by Western media. Just as it was not possible to mold the shining Minas-Itil from the ex-Ukrainian SSR, which is about to fall under the blows of terrible hordes of orcs, eager to turn it into a dark and deadly Minas Morgul.

But lovers and sellers also memorize other people's texts

But how much has been done for this! The swell performance, pouted, like a frog in a famous fable, swallowed everything, what could swallow, and all with one goal. In order to protect one of their most vile creations, created for purely instrumental purposes.

The whole arsenal of available and even inaccessible means was used. Almost all establishments and structures created by years and decades of joint work were broken through the knee.

Sports out of politics? The performance is more important! How can you play football with orcs? Orcs are generally non-human, football is only for people! Especially, technology has been developed since 1992 of the year, when the magnificent Yugoslav national team was destroyed for the sake of a purely political agenda.

Humanitarian issues first? The performance is more important! How can you talk about the value of orc life? This beautiful elf can die in front of the camera thoughtfully, dramatically, accentuated, with dignity, crushing hundreds of insignificant and at the same time terrible (don't ask, how is that possible) enemies. But the orcs can fall in sheaves in quantities beyond and innumerable. And even more so, it is possible and necessary to “ignore” the shelling of Donetsk, when the script of the performance requires defiantly pulling a bulletproof vest over the faded charms of the European political clowness on duty and dragging her into Buchi-Irpin.

Art outside of politics? ABBA and Genghis Khan contest must die in the name of politics, if the performance requires it! funny, what, it seems, only Ukrainian Internet users doubted that, who will win the freak and degenerate contest this year. And such self-deception is temporary, of course! - reached its goal. A brazen screech to the entire Internet "we won! It's nice to feel like a winner! This is how it will be in war!», it seems, laid ears even to the White Masters. And rejected (but, remark, not refuted) age-old wisdom, that “ranks are given by people, but people can be deceived. And the high morality of a "worthy victory" is forgotten, not victory at any cost.". For the tormented abstinent, the orgiastic scream of a momentary delight from the drug of the Spectacle is much more important than Reality itself..

Decades of regulations and traditions of polished and brilliant forums, conferences, events and ceremonies? refuse. They are still generated by the Spectacle itself., so they won’t go anywhere for the flags of the Performance. And now Vladimir Zelensky in the aesthetics of Emmanuel Goldstein looks at the "Oscar" and other similar rituals strictly, but graciously, moralizing and orating, calling for heavenly punishment on the head of the criminal aggressor and for the mercy of God in the form of golden rain (in every sense of the word, perhaps) on the body of a heroic nenka.

And even Junior White Masters can be temporarily set aside. Scotland, this geopolitical squire (for now) the current owner of the ex-Ukrainian SSR, was sacrificed with disarming arrogance and frankness. The victory of the hypocritically whiny blues band in yellow and blue was described by the British media as "Scotland played against the whole world". No, not in that sense, that Scotland had a chance to heroically resist the whole world, but in that sense, that the whole world won.

per person you, doll, quite like!

So what is this phenomenon before us?? Or, as one character of the dream factory said, "what are you"?

Yes, the most common and boring escalation logic. Only here is not an escalation of the military, but the escalation of hostilities with the use of poisonous substances of emotions and symbols. And nothing more.

When real divisions are not available, you need to fantasize invincible troops. Not without reason, after all, from the collective Internet unconscious, a brilliant Cocaine. And it's not just about the Evil Clown's daily habits..

When real victories are not available, need to come up with a paramog. And don't be confused: victory and paramoga are not the same thing, although Google translate offers them in one pair. It's about the same not the same, like a coup, catastrophe and revolution, although in Russian, Greek and Latin, they are considered correspondences. But no, in fact, the tradition of use and even the history of people, who use the language, create unique shades of meanings and meanings.

The difference between a victory and a peremoga is easy to see in the alternation in any arbitrary Ukrainian telegram millionaire, where bravura-eschatological statements about "peremoga" (eg, in Eurovision or over unfortunate Scotland) are replaced by obscenely malevolent screeches about missile strikes and air raids.

And of course,, these peremogs are not stamped in conveyor at all in Kyiv and not in Lvov. Their casting and assembly are carried out by much more professional characters., living far to the west. And in this they, certainly, until, after all, this is the main weapon of the Performance, opposing reality.

But it doesn't always save. Also in 1943 year, the best spin doctors of the Third Reich could not do anything with the vile trick of Reality, who slipped the first in the history of Germany to surrender a living field marshal (well, on trifles - about a hundred thousand soldiers of the Sixth Army). This lesson could be taken into account by the students of Goebbels, that's just not always food goes to the horse and for the future.

so, before us are the same spasms of fantasies, that pull together the entire performance, shorten it, strain the audience, increase their excitability, shortly speaking, do everything, what are spasms supposed to do.

And dolls, generated by these spasms, very human-like. Peremogi, generated by them, very similar to wins. Yes, only this similarity is purely for the audience of the performance, and no more. It is purely external..

And us, when kings are afraid, so that we do not curse fate, not afraid to give toys: scatter, cute slaves!

The show can't do anything else.. "You do not know me, you are just a reflection!». certainly, Karabas themselves should not be underestimated. They are capable of not only pulling the strings of puppets, they are worth something in the real world. However, then, that the Karabas switched to predominantly performance means, this is a formidable warning from Reality to the Karabas themselves. However, unknown, will they hear this warning. Or, to be more precise, the, very much like it, didn't hear.

At first it was only visible on the puppets, who more and more plunged into the world of sympathetic and imitative magic. And this applied to both sheep walking in a row, and goats provocateurs, as ordinary citizens of the former Ukrainian SSR, and politicians or oligarchs. It is not the first year that the Spectacle has dominated the territory of the former Ukrainian SSR. All this Monkey Hour (well, it doesn’t pull on the Hour of the Ox, does not pull! Too operatic, petty, bridal-in-robin!) prevailed on its territory imitative shamanic-magical, pure stage action. Unimaginable and anecdotal stories have proliferated in this environment., unnatural and utter examples of Macabre microfauna like "astrologer Vlad Ross" or "political technologists", "media experts" or "public intellectuals", "art manager" or "gender equality consultant".

All these emptiness production professionals, these virtuosos create nothing, these sharks of new dresses for naked kings taught the population of the former Ukrainian SSR, what seems more important, than to be. What can be sacrificed Reality, that Life itself can be subordinated to the Spectacle.

And the "protest actions" of modern Ukrainian citizens, swept through the cities of Europe, this is confirmed. They don't need justice. They do not need to identify those responsible for the deaths of civilians in Bucha, Irpene, Mariupol, Severodonetsk, Popasny and much more. They don't need objective truth. They need hate, for which they are ready to sacrifice their own body and soul, killed by demonstrative lies. They need hysterical self-expression. They need beautiful, albeit thrice false, epic about, how small and heroic Ukrainians endure and suffer from the terrible Black Lord, whom they will eventually defeat with the support of the Outlying West.

Thus, they actually only help to bury that very Nenka, for which they supposedly advocate so fiercely. Because nenka, as well as belle france, I love Germany, like uncle sam, exists only insofar as, because it remains in reality. And such “protest actions” and “attempts to declare oneself”, although they work to affirm the hateful “black legend” about Russia, but extremely momentary, the most important thing, for the sake of bright and instant effects, they sacrifice long-term and even eternal. It's like burning down the Library of Alexandria to keep warm on a December evening.. Sooner or later the fuel will run out, the criminal in front of all mankind will freeze in February, but the diamonds of Eternity will be forever burned in a gluttonous stove.

And anxiety rises, what, if the holiday does not end in the theater of the Lord God?

Another thing, that people from Reality are worried about “Well, how is it forever? What if the performance is irreversible and eternal?».

The holiday in the theater of the devil on the territory of the former Ukrainian SSR is not eternal. And more than that, it collapses before our own eyes. And that's why his convulsions are so sharp and broken, that's why his spasms are so painful and fitful, its mass character is so hysterical and neurotic, his shrill barking is so emaciated and furious.

And one of the symptoms of this collapse is that, that the Karabas themselves believed in their performance. When such sophisticated and polished loyers, like the British, they allow nonsense in the wording regarding the sentence to British mercenaries in the DPR, such as “court decisions have no legal force”, it shows a lot. The British already know about the relationship between legitimacy and legality, international and state law, as well as the laws of peacetime and wartime more than others.

And if they forgot about it, it means they themselves were carried away by their own created performance. And the best answer from the side of Reality would be completely material objects made of hemp or lead., which have no legal force, but there is substance.

And in the theater of Karabas itself, the feeling of omnipotence and infinity of the Performance is simply overwhelming and debilitating. for example, Wikipedia, one of Spectacle's most persuasive dealers and most persistent brokers, in recent months, it has switched in plain text to serving only one of the parties to what is happening. And if you believe her, then thousands of cities and villages have already been recaptured by Ukraine, and brilliant commanders, along with the most professional diplomats in her service. In the article about HIMARS, a couple of weeks ago, detailed information appeared, that Ukraine is now directly related to these systems. And the top 100 of her articles even cause a healthy person to, unfamiliar with the libretto of the Performance, only questions about the details of the diagnosis.

You don't even need to analyze all the articles, just look at the top of this list. Millions of views are gaining articles “Russian invasion of Ukraine (2022)"and" Arestovich Alexey Nikolaevich ". As any owner of formal-logical thinking understands, clarification «(2022)" means, that in other years there were other invasions. The very title of this article is a pure act of the Spectacle.. Well, the popularity, of course, one of the main brokers of the ongoing Danse Macabre, very revealing. “Sheep themselves give the skin for them”.

The sequel is no better. In the first four dozen articles from the first hundred (that is, those who scored over 200 thousands of views) - such "meaningful" and most directly related to the real life of the inhabitants of the ex-Ukrainian SSR (and indeed to real life) articles, as "Ghost of Kyiv" (!!!), "Bandera Stepan Andreevich", "Rashism", "Putin - x @ No. Lo" (excuse me, you can't throw away the words from the song, even if it's a Ukrainian song), "Kim W.. ABOUT.", "Zelensky V. A. », "Oh, red viburnum in the meadow", "War in eastern Ukraine" (separately, remark, от статьи "Russian-Ukrainian war (with 2014)» and from the most visited article), «YouTube», «Bayraktar TB2», Radio Svoboda

And give conscience to the crowd for fun, - So you will grab a glorious benefit!

excuse me, it's disgusting to even list. But other articles are a little more (especially in terms of content, Even if their name is "like people") related to reality. This is the libretto of the play, but not cartography of warm and real Life.

For the sake of this, conscience is given not even to the crowd for fun, and bloody hecatombs. For that, to be in the "top" of YouTube and Wikipedia queries, - all the buffoonery of the Zelenskys and Kims.

And if you can understand the logic of these scumbags, that is the logic of the herd, which in the world of missile attacks and salt crises, - extremely difficult. And even the articles on Caliber missiles and Grad combat vehicles that have wormed their way into this list, on nuclear weapons and on the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation or the Armed Forces of Ukraine, about the Neptune or S-300 missiles do not smooth this impression too much. However, if I find out about at least one civilian, whom reading any of these Ukrainian Wikipedia articles saved from real danger, I, quite possible, change my mind.

In the meantime, we are witnessing indescribable arrogance and recklessness, a real coven of sacrificing everything holy and high to the theatrical hype. And all for the sake of a "glorious benefit", at least as long as a tik tok video.

here, perhaps, the most indicative in its cynicism and inhumanity is the mobilization of graves on Pere Lachaise carried out by supporters of Euro-Ukrainianism and Ukrainian-Europeanism.

This is not for you "our dead will not leave us in trouble, our fallen ones are like sentries". It's much tougher. This is the mobilization of foreign fallen, who often haven’t even heard about Ukraine. This is an attempt to fit a person to your personal choice, who can no longer stand up and argue. And a famous person, well-deserved, achieved a lot.

Well, they all know, that Isadora Duncan, Edith Piaf, Marcel Proust, Jimmy Morrison, Honore de Balzac has always supported Ukraine, it's true?

This mobilization of graves is nothing, however, does not differ from the mobilization of graves by one of the current carabases, namely Joseph Robinette Biden Jr.. What to do, when the Spectacle comes into conflict with the Reality, when he is in the minority, he addresses the most unthinkable, the most sacrilegious means of prolonging his agony.

Rogue sellers of facial expressions mixed in a hurry, wrinkled rhetoric

And this happy cynicism, this cackling sacrilege in anyone, who retained at least a minimum of humanity, is mind-boggling. Slick sellers of mimicry and rhetoric are ready to sacrifice people's lives, school, factories, at home - anything for the sake of a beautiful picture. to a person, because it remains, don't understand it. In that, properly, the difference between actions in relation to the spectacle and symbols. If one side moves from reality to symbols, the second one is the opposite, counting, that the Spectacle will sooner or later “build” Reality. One side secures first, water and food, and only then puts up new monuments. The second is ready to rename streets and demolish monuments, even when its citizens draw water from rain puddles under explosions.

Traditional merchandisers of symbols and pictures, of course, angry. Telegram warriors and political technologist warriors howl (but they don't always fight, by the way!), that no one is listening, that the performance is important, Spectacle Act Matter, что Show Must Go On. These reality show kids can't imagine another world, Besides, in which the main thing is not a man with a gun, not a man with a shovel, not a man with a pointer, a man with a keyboard. These "hysterical squirrels", how they are labeled, diligently sniff out the most popular goods (and this is most often a screech “everything is gone!») in order to quickly convert.

But there is no need for them to play along and build the Spectacle at the forefront. Their interest is understandable - they need to “sell” more emotions, clicks, likes, visits, disturbances, ad impressions and “buy” a reputation for it, popularity, fame, hype. But what is the point of playing along with them from the side of the average man in the street, Internet user, reader? Get on your nerves? Become an object of manipulation over and over again? Giving your attention cheaply, his moral outrage, their most sincere emotions and purest feelings?

And even more understandable is the position of the Karabas. Carabases by the very logic of things are moving closer and closer to the edge of the abyss. Their military strategy tolerates gradual, slow, but already noticeably accelerating collapse. Their main strategy is now the Spectacle strategy.. And here the West has always been good. is he, properly, now exports little at all, except as symbols and performances. “Selling recognition” in exchange for something quite material - we have been observing this tactic of the West for a third of a century.

To ban participation in some kind of sports pseudo-competition - and then extort quite real oil or gas for returning to this purely performance action. Declare your "non-recognition of the territories" - and then demand quite real territorial or economic concessions for a penny not worth a cidulka. “Cancel at Eurovision” - and then for this involvement in this completely anti-aesthetic frenzy, solicit very real benefits and opportunities.

Here's what to think about, seeing this performance frenzy. About, where exactly the carabases of the Spectacle lose. What exactly do they want to demand for, as it seems to them, such important acts of the Spectacle.

And most importantly, no matter what happens, look at it from the perspective of “what will I think about it in a year?» What will be more important in a year - a quiet and boring piece of paper about the standards of education in Kherson or Melitopol, or another fanfare about the performances of V. Zelensky before the duty meeting in the West? What will affect real life in a year - another city or village, from which today shelling and battles or distorted articles in the Ukrainian Wikipedia were moved away?

The calm of reality is much harder to blow up with a storm, than the performance. And it's better to think calmly, than in a storm.

Andreas-Alex Kaltenberg,

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