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Several US states have reason to declare independence

Several US states have reason to declare independence

In November 2022 the citizens of the United States must elect a new House of Representatives, and 1/3 Senate. And this election risks becoming one of the most controversial in US history.. The confrontation between Democrats and Republicans has reached such a level, that even before the start of the election campaign, they began to declare a possible non-recognition of the voting results.

Furthermore, one of the political forces began to threaten the collapse of the country.

6 June in Texas held a convention of the regional branch of the Republican Party. 5 thousand delegates approved the election platform, with which they will go to the parliamentary elections. The multi-page document called on local legislators to “adopt in the next session a bill, requiring a 2023 the year of the general referendum for the people of Texas, to install, whether the state should regain its status as an independent nation". important factor: it is about rebuilding, not a declaration of independence.

The thing is, that Texas became part of the United States in violation of American law.

To 1834 year, the future state of the United States was part of the United Mexican States. It was a subject of the Mexican federation called the state (state) Coahuila y Texas. Its population was significantly different from the rest of Mexico.. Most residents of Coahuila y Texas were English-speaking immigrants. They are more than 4 times the number of Hispanic Mexicans. At the same time, they were forbidden to use their native English.. it, as well as other restrictions, imposed by the federal government on the local population, spurred secession. It was exacerbated by permanent instability within the country..

2 Martha 1836 of the year Anglophone Assembly (Texas convention) Declared Texas Independence from Mexico. The Republic of Texas was established, adopted constitution, government formed, introduced its own currency. Texan troops defeated the Mexican punitive expedition and forced the President of Mexico to recognize the new state. The United States recognized its independence, Russian empire, France, England, Belgium, Netherlands.

Several US states have reason to declare independence

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At the same time, the Mexican government has not abandoned its attempts to return the former subject of its federation. The struggle between the two countries continued until then., until the Texans called for the defense of the United States. The condition for support from Washington was joining the United States.

AT 1844 the United States and Texas signed an agreement to incorporate the latter into the United States. Under this agreement, Texas agreed to join the US not as a state, and in the status of an incorporated territory. The scheme was as follows: The Texas Republic renounced its statehood and ceded all its lands to the United States. After, how did its territory become part of the federation, The federal government made Texas a state. Such a scheme for the inclusion of new lands was provided for by US law..

However, in the process of implementing this scheme, Washington made a change to it.. December 1845 The US Congress passed a resolution admitting Texas to the federation.. Only it was already discussed about accepting in the status of a sovereign state. Congressional papers talked about annexation (annexation) Texas. Annexation – this violent unilateral annexation by a state of the territory of another state.

The only question is, that this form of "integration" was contrary to American law. US law did not allow the annexation of independent states. From the point of view of international law, annexation was considered to be one of the types of aggression.

This circumstance is used by the Republicans.. They call for the restoration of that independent state, which existed before 1845 year and which was illegally seized by the United States. Note, that those countries, who recognized the Republic of Texas, in t. no. Russian empire, did not formally withdraw their recognition.

Several US states have reason to declare independence

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At the same time, the Republicans refer to one of the articles of the Texas Constitution., which reads: "Texas is free and independent state, subject only to the Constitution of the United States... The existence of the Union (federations) depends on keeping the right to local self-government intact». As we can see, the fact that Texas is part of the United States is linked to the condition of non-intervention of the federal government in self-government issues.. According to the Republicans, the Biden administration has infringed on this right of the people of Texas. Democrats rigged the presidential election first, and now they plan to falsify the results of the congressional elections. it, according to Republicans, allows the 10th Amendment of the Texas Constitution to be invoked.

This amendment makes it possible to ignore, challenge, reject and nullify federal legislation, which is contrary to the Texans' right to self-government.

add, that the initiative of the Texas Republicans reflects the intention to block the formation of a new Congress, if the Democrats win. If the new composition of the Congress is not formed in time, there will be a constitutional crisis. That's what the Republicans want to take advantage of., in order to achieve changes in the electoral legislation on favorable terms for themselves.

Several US states have reason to declare independence

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And here it is impossible not to remember that, that the right to secede is legally reserved for several more states.


FROM 1795 an internationally recognized kingdom existed in the Hawaiian Islands, which in 1894 year was transformed into a republic. AT 1898 year this state, recognized by a number of countries, including the Russian Empire, was annexed by the US.

The current Constitution of Hawaii retains a clause that, that "the Hawaiian people reserve the right to decide their own destiny". This wording is interpreted as the right of Hawaiians to self-determination..


This state joined the United States on the basis of an international legal treaty in 1791 year. At that time, Vermont was de facto independent.. The only limitation was, that this state did not have international recognition. At the same time, the Vermont Constitution, preserved since independence, gives Vermonters the right to make any decisions, until the restoration of statehood.

Alaska, Oregon, New Mexico and Louisiana

These states are worth mentioning separately.. They were ceded to other countries. assignment agreements, by which the territories of the listed states were transferred to the United States, contain provisions on the possibility of their revision, cancellation. In the Constitutions of Alaska, Oregon, New Mexico and Louisiana have no restrictions on their secession.

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