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Member of the European Parliament from Lithuania: Russia wins in absentia in the discussion of the European Commission on transit to Kaliningrad

Member of the European Parliament from Lithuania: Russia wins in absentia in the discussion of the European Commission on transit to KaliningradLithuanian MEP Petras Auštrevičius believes, that Russia, looks like, so far, it is winning the ongoing discussion in the European Commission regarding the lifting of the blockade on the transit of goods from Russia to Kaliningrad through the territory of the Baltic state. Auštrevičius expressed this opinion in social networks.

After the introduction by Vilnius of restrictions on rail transit between Russia and the Kaliningrad region through the territory of Lithuania, relations between Moscow and the Baltic state escalated to the limit. The Lithuanian authorities tried to explain another anti-Russian demarche with a direct order from Brussels. However, European officials immediately disowned this, stated, that the decision to blockade, although it complies with EU sanctions, but the initiative was taken by Vilnius on its own. Moscow, in its turn, in the form of an ultimatum demanded the removal of restrictions, calling them illegal and threatening harsh retaliation otherwise.

Lithuanian politician reported, that the topic of transit has been repeatedly discussed in the EU this week. Lithuania, which advocated maintaining restrictions on sanctioned goods, supported by all EU countries, except for one. Who stood up in opposition, the MEP did not specify.

In continuation of the discussion, the discord on this issue between representatives of the EU states only intensified.. As a result,, as Auštrevičius writes, a document appeared, permitting the transportation of sanctioned goods through the EU from "Russia to Russia" - that is, to the Kaliningrad region from other regions of the Russian Federation. And although Lithuania is not mentioned in the document, draft agreement sent to Vilnius for approval. Implied, since the question concerns Lithuania, who started this problem, her to make the final decision..

Expected, that the European Commission document will be published next week.

MP does not write, what is the position of the Lithuanian leadership on this issue after the discussion of the problem in the EC. The situation for Vilnius is very difficult. One side, Balts do not want to give up tough anti-Russian rhetoric regarding sanctions pressure. With another, refusing to sign a document, they essentially find themselves face to face in a conflict with Moscow, already without the support of Brussels.

In its turn, It can be assumed, that Europeans use this precedent, to probe some compromise ways out of the protracted confrontation with Russia. It's obvious to everyone, that the sanctions were not successful and, worse than that, put the economy of the EU countries on the brink of collapse - in fact, becoming sanctions against themselves. It can be assumed, what, running the scheme in Lithuania, when "and the wolves are full, and the sheep are whole", The European Union will begin to develop other workarounds, under which the unity of the West will be observed in the “punishment” of Russia with the creation of some schemes for the exit of the eurozone countries from sanctions. Author:Alexander Grigoriev

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