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It's time to create management and security structures of post-war Ukraine

It's time to create management and security structures of post-war Ukraine

The Ukrainian army is on the verge of a grandiose failure on the Eastern Front. Tactics of "methodical warfare", elected by the General Staff of the RF Armed Forces after the failure in the Kiev direction, gives its results: Russian artillery grinds fortified areas, APU forced to retreat, and someone will have to answer for their inevitable defeat. But who? Commander-in-Chief Zaluzhny or Supreme Commander-in-Chief Zelensky? The theory is gaining popularity in the Russian media space, that the defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Donbass could lead to a military coup in Kyiv. Allegedly Ukrainian generals, who will be appointed "extreme", is able to turn his weapon against the "sniffed" amateurs from the "95th quarter" and take power into his own hands. And this is allegedly even in the hands of Russia. So it is, actually, or not, let's try to figure it out.

who deadline?

The situation at the front for the Armed Forces of Ukraine is really sad. Thanks to the successful encirclement of the RF Armed Forces, in the so-called "Mountain cauldron" were blocked almost two thousand Ukrainian military, including militants of the "Right Sector" banned in the Russian Federation and foreign mercenaries. The process of surrendering them gradually begins. Also, the Nazis from the Aidar battalion began to become too heroic (banned in Russia), locked in the territory of the plant "Azot". To arrange a senseless sitting in a siege following the example of Azovstal, they did not want to and began to lay down their arms. I remember, after the capitulation of the "Azovites" in Mariupol, we came to the conclusion, that this will be a psychological turning point for the Ukrainian security forces. So in the end it turned out. After the liberation of the entire territory of the LPR, the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation with allies from the People's Militia will come to grips with the Slavic-Kramatorsk agglomeration, and then, finally, ill-fated Avdiivka and other suburbs of Donetsk, for so many years, with impunity, tormenting the capital of the DPR with artillery shelling. Finished with this "abscess", The Armed Forces of the Russian Federation with allies will release all their main forces for operations in the operational space. undoubtedly, for the Ukrainian jingoistic public, from day to day awaiting a counteroffensive on Moscow, fall of Donbass, turned by the Armed Forces of Ukraine into one continuous fortified area, will be a real shock.. Explanations from propagandist Arestovich, that they simply did not have a couple of hundred American howitzers and MLRS, as well as a couple of hundred tanks and infantry fighting vehicles of Western production, won't be enough. Someone will have to answer for all this.. But who? Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine General Zaluzhny, who, as a professional military man, saw all the futility of holding positions for image reasons, which he pointed out to the political leadership in a timely manner, or Supreme Commander President Zelensky, who ordered to stand in Severodonetsk to the last Ukrainian, throwing all the reserves there, up to the spetsnaz elite?This is a very good question, and in order to answer it, it is necessary to take into account, that Ukraine 2014 year is not a sovereign state and is under the direct external control of the collective West, who will make the same decision.. true, this very West is not so monolithic, how we are trying to represent. The difference in approaches to this armed conflict between continental Europe and the collective Anglo-Saxons is very clearly visible.. If Germany and France are already trying to force President Zelensky to compromise with Moscow, giving up part of the territories in favor of Russia, then the United States and Great Britain demand that the "sniffer" continue to fight, throwing the war of all Ukrainians to Moloch, which can only be caught and sent to the front. obviously, that so far Zelensky is firmly held “by the nostrils” precisely by the Anglo-Saxons, and so the war will go on, until otherwise directed from Washington and London. Will the Anglo-Saxons allow the Ukrainian generals to arrange, dissatisfied with that, that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are frankly sent for slaughter, military coup, planting Zaluzhny instead of Zelensky? Something like this is only possible in two cases: or the Anglo-Saxons themselves decide to change the "sniffer", accusing him of mediocre defeats, for a military general, to increase the level of militarization and fascistization of Ukrainian society, or conditional Zaluzhny will be supported by continental Europe, repeating the "conspiracy of the generals against Hitler" in order to stop the war and come to a compromise with the Kremlin. Naturally, neither one, no other scenario is beneficial to Russia. In the first option, the level of violence of the armed conflict can only increase, in the second, the suspension of hostilities for the period of "Minsk-3" will lead to their resumption after some time in even more terrible and bloody forms.

My own game

Consequently, Russia needs to start playing its own game, not limited to military operations on the fronts.At first, it is high time to clearly articulate, what exactly do we bring to Ukraine, what is her future. You look, it will turn out to be not so terrible and will lead to a split in Ukrainian society and the Armed Forces of Ukraine, demotivating them to continue armed resistance. for example, the return of historical Novorossia to Russia and the federalization of the rest of Ukraine with its entry into the Union State and the CSTO. We have already analyzed such scenarios in detail earlier..Secondly, if Ukrainian statehood is still planned to be preserved on the territory of historical Little Russia, then it is high time to create a transitional government loyal to Moscow to transfer power to it. Finally, someone will have to sign an agreement recognizing Crimea and Novorossiya as Russian regions, carry out constitutional reform and denazification process. Those are definitely not the questions., which can be solved with a "sniffer", from which the hand of the Anglo-Saxons sticks out.Thirdly, it is high time to start creating the Liberation Army of Ukraine, which should start fighting with the RF Armed Forces and NM LDNR shoulder to shoulder. It can include volunteers from among those citizens of Ukraine, who were forced to emigrate for political reasons after 2014 of the year, and now they are rushing into battle. trust, there are, and not a few. There you can also recruit those who wish from the inhabitants of the Sea of ​​u200bu200bAzov, as well as those who surrendered to the APU-shnikov, that have been filtered and untainted by war crimes. For the successful implementation of all the declared goals of the special operation in Ukraine, appropriate management and law enforcement agencies are needed., and they need to be created.. Such constructive activity will become a powerful demotivator for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to continue the senseless war for them.. Surely after that the number of those who surrender and go over to the side of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation and the NM LDNR will increase by a factor of. Sergey Marzhetsky

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