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People of the servile rank

People of the servile rank

After the completion of the Azov epic and numerous videos with the “body painting” of the Azov people and other Nazi “souvenirs”, the sacramental “where did you see the Nazis in Ukraine?"Somehow it completely ceased to be heard.

properly, Ukrainian discourse, as official, and in the face of numerous activists, now found themselves on foreign grubs, made the topic of the Nazi ideology "Azov" a figure of default, and Western leaders generally refrained from commenting on the catastrophe of the Mariupol grouping of Ukrainian forces, although before that they were very active in trying to save her.

I think, last but not least, this is due precisely to the unwillingness to appear in the eyes of their voters as defenders of outright Nazis, as well as concerns, that inevitable associations can damage the image of “free Ukraine”.

Really, somehow it turns out uncomfortable - the main characters of Ukrainians who defend their European choice and democratic values ​​are frank admirers of Adolf Hitler and his ideology. comes, denazification of Ukraine, which, as one of the goals of the Special Military Operation, caused the most scathing comments, has solid grounds.

But the “special purpose regiment” of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine “Azov” is just the tip of the iceberg. It was created with the aim of giving official status to the national battalion, promoted at the beginning of the conflict in Donbass., but almost at the same time, a subsidiary structure appeared - the National Corps "Azov", paramilitary education with branches in almost all regions and large cities of Ukraine, numbering several thousand militants.

Do not hide or only slightly camouflage their sympathies for Nazism and ultra-right groups competing with Azov, in particular, this is more than transparently hinted at by its name, created under the auspices of the SBU (just to counterbalance Avakov's "Azov") C14.

And are they only? On the web you can find many photos and videos with characters, in one way or another expressing their sympathy for Nazism, the corresponding "painting" is often found on prisoners from other units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and in their locations occupied by the allied forces.

What happened was truly symbolic. 9 may scandal, when Zelensky celebrated Victory Day over Nazism photo of the “defender of Ukraine” with the “Dead Head” chevron. The media wrote about the emblem of the WaffenSS division. But it's worth remembering, that "Dead Head" is a structure, in charge of the "functioning" and protection of concentration camps. And the famous emblem is hers, and the mentioned division was formed from the Nazi guards. Truly, God marks the rogue (this is me about the puncture of Zelensky's press service).

And are only headless street outcasts demonstrating reverence for the demon-possessed Fuhrer?? A few years ago, the scandal with the Ukrainian diplomat Vasily Marushints became public., openly preaching Nazi ideology.

The most indicative, in my opinion, there was a photo from his "birthday", on which colleagues presented him with a cake in the form of the book "Mein Kampf". The festive photo was positively assessed by the First Secretary of the Ukrainian Embassy in the United States Valeriy Stupak and the First Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Valentina Krotova (diplomats of a very high rank).

T. it is. his views were not a secret to colleagues, especially not for bosses., however, did not cause the slightest cognitive dissonance, conversely, served as an occasion for good banter. it, perhaps, very clearly demonstrates the attitude towards the Nazi ideology and its bearers among the widest strata of the Ukrainian "establishment", and of the entire "patriotic community".

And of course, ex-"spicel" (t. it is. second person in the state under the constitution) Andrey Parubiy, who began his political career as a co-founder (together with Oleg Tyagnibok) "Social-National Party of Ukraine" (Well, did you understand).

At the risk of boring readers, Let me give you another almost personal example.. I do not remember, how and when a certain Vladimir Veselkin got into my “friends” on FB. He is one of the leaders of the BYuT party organization in Gorlovka (party, as is known, a priori attributable to "democratic" and pro-Western), then an active fighter against the separatists, and now the head of the suburb of Gorlovka, Zaitsevo, which is still under the control of Kyiv.

And about three years ago, he shared his great joy on FB - he managed to take his library out of Gorlovka, illustrating the message with a photo. I think, the reader guessed, which tome occupied an honorable central place in it, and the others were similar. And you need to understand, that man (if such a definition is appropriate here) made great efforts, to organize the transport of this collection across the front lines. "... And the book was saved by his beloved".

Of course, the popularity of right-wing radical ideology cannot be called an exclusively Ukrainian phenomenon, but it was in Ukraine that German Nazism and its Fuhrer became the object of worship. But he is the embodiment of absolute evil from the point of view of the world community, moreover, directed to Ukraine (spread to the east) behind the living space with the transformation of local "subhumans" into slaves of the German nation. And this is one of the key postulates of Nazism, and implemented in practice.

And the point is not only and not so much in a certain romantic aura of Nazism, strong personality cult, national and racial domination and superiority (After all, Ukrainian fans of Hitler refer to themselves as Aryans, unlike non-brothers "Muscovites"), attracting young people to neo-Nazi groups.

The underlying reasons for a rather loyal attitude towards German Nazism and the personality of Adolf Hitler in the widest circles of the Ukrainian "patriotic" public in the sacred: “If Charles XII had won the Battle of Poltava, we would live like Swedes, what if we lost the war (nevertheless, we!), then they would drink Bavarian beer ".

This type of joke, in fact, is the quintessence of the entire Ukrainian national idea - "get out" from the "backward Rashka" to a well-fed and prosperous Europe. enchanting conviction that, that joining in any form with someone rich and prosperous will of itself provide the same life for those who are affiliated, could be explained by the Soviet practices of the rise of the national outskirts (they say, the noble Western leaders will definitely fall asleep with all sorts of nishtyaks), but here is what Konstantin Paustovsky recalled about the period of Petliura power in Kyiv in 1919 year:

«Rumors under Petlyura acquired the character of spontaneous, almost cosmic phenomenon, like a pestilence ... Even the most seasoned skeptics believed everything, right up to, that Ukraine will be declared one of the departments of France and for the solemn proclamation of this state act, President Poincaré himself is going to Kyiv».

And this is with the mode, the main goal of which was the proclamation of a free "independent" Ukraine. None of them experienced cognitive dissonance.. After all, being a department of France is completely different., than Russian provinces in the country, where no one attributed the Little Russians to foreigners (term, in RI that did not have a negative connotation).

Therefore, it is rather a question of the mentality of a slave, dreaming of a rich and successful owner (maybe I'll get more). As noted by the great Russian poet Nikolai Nekrasov: “People of the servile rank are real dogs sometimes: the heavier the punishment, so dear to them gentlemen ". Agree, according to this criterion, Adolf Hitler is an absolutely ideal host.

In addition, Nazi Germany fought against the "main enemy" of Ukrainian nationalists., their (nationalists) strongly supported, carried out Ukrainization. Bandera and Shukhevych acted under the auspices of the Reich, and the fables about their struggle against the Nazis are, as everyone knows, including primarily the Ukrainian Nazis themselves, nothing more than a political figure of speech.

The main difference between Ukrainian national radicals and their European counterparts is, that they are not and never have been “non-systemic” marginals for the current political, economic and cultural elite, all the more so as a sort of discrediting element. Rather, they were and are the avant-garde, voicing and pushing ideas, which initially seem wild and certainly "not European", but over time become a daily practice.

And in the same capacity, they are also needed by foreign successors of Hitler's cause. Therefore, not only a condescending attitude, but also direct nurturing along with local "well-wishers".

notoriously, that the curatorship and financing of the then little-known Dmitry Yarosh, and active training of militants of his movement "Trident named after Stepan Bandera" (which later became the "Right Sector") shouldered by Valentin Nalyvaichenko, whose status as an agent of US influence is not particularly hidden by him (in Ukraine, this is not compromising evidence, but on the contrary, adds political weight).

Why the world's noteworthy "fighters for democracy" relied on neo-Nazis, obviously. If in Moscow the task set by the Americans was limited to, to bring the local "creacliat" under the police batons, “and then this case will be trumpeted on the BBC”, how prophetically Vladimir Vysotsky sang, then in Kyiv the goals were much more serious - not to scatter from law enforcement officers, but on the contrary, successfully storm the police cordons, capture buildings, generally, seize power by force, at least prevent the dispersal of the anti-government "event".

This required strong, trained, guys who have passed "combat coordination" and the corresponding ideological base. Ideas for promoting "European values", such as gay rights, obviously didn't fit. But neo-Nazism as the ideological basis of gangs of "street fighters", in which a worthless underdog (or, conversely, overage child) can feel superhuman, "blond beast", as the saying goes, just right.

radicals, being almost the main "creators" of the Euromaidan victory (externally, anyway), fit perfectly into the political system formed after him (true, their place was immediately clearly indicated to them by the exemplary liquidation of Sasha Bily).

The volunteer battalions formed from them allowed the junta to avoid a catastrophe in the Donbass in the first weeks of the confrontation, when the regular units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine did not show the proper "zeal", national radicals played a key role in suppressing the anti-Maidan movement in other parts of Ukraine (the saddest episode was the burning of people in the House of Trade Unions in Odessa).

And in the future, Nazi groups became an excellent tool for suppressing any dissent., and especially other actions there, where there were no legal reasons for reprisals. Activists are sacred!

Belonging to neo-Nazi right-wing groups has become almost tantamount to legal immunity from prosecution for any of the most serious crimes.. It is enough to remember that, that the killers of Oles Buzina received warm positions in government agencies (besides, that formally their trial is still underway, they were not charged with murder). From this category of untouchables and the leader of the Odessa Nazis Sergei Sternenko, who got away with the unprovoked murder of a bystander.

It is impossible not to mention the famous activist and fighter of the Aidar battalion Vika Zaveryukha, whose "exploits" at that time (now, according to unconfirmed information, she was "denazified" during the NWO) ended with a robbery attack on a gas station in Kyiv with the murder of two policemen. Under unprecedented pressure from the "public", she was released from the pre-trial detention center on bail a year and a half later., what's the matter and stalled.

Igor Gumenyuk has not been sentenced either, throwing a grenade at the National Guard (four of them died) during the riots at the Rada 31 August 2015 of the year. true, according to the latest information from 2020 of the year, which was found, he was in jail at the time. Those riots were caused by the intention to amend the constitution, concerning decentralization to ensure the implementation of the Minsk agreements.

And here it is necessary to say about one more "function" of right-wing radicals - they actually have the right to veto any decisions of the authorities, aimed at resolving a conflict or reducing tension, Furthermore, simply forced the authorities to escalate.

So it was with the blockade of Donbass initiated by them in 2016 year and the energy blockade of Crimea. The then regime of Poroshenko tried to exhort them, but in the end decided to act on the principle of "if something cannot be prevented, it needs to be led". Well, and his “replacement” Zelensky felt the fear of right-wing radicals simply physically.

I do not presume to judge, in what proportion with others did the factor of right-wing radicals affect the, that the former and current Ukrainian authorities disrupted the implementation of the Minsk agreements, but one can definitely say, that without its liquidation there is no peace in the Donbass, especially the normalization of Russian-Ukrainian relations, It is impossible.

And now, when is SVO, it is important to realize that one cannot do without complete and unconditional denazification of Ukraine. After all, the main breeding ground for Hitler's Nazism was the thirst for revenge after the defeat of Germany in the First World War.

Any half measures, providing, so to speak, Ukraine itself will be led to the absolute nazification of this territory and its transformation into an aggressive and permanent anti-Russian foothold.

Dmitry Slavskii,

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