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Reporter Rudenko about the Azov militant who threatened Ramzan Kadyrov with reprisal: In a pre-trial detention center, at the sight of a man with a beard, he automatically kneels

Reporter Rudenko about a militant who threatened Ramzan Kadyrov with reprisal «Azov»: In a pre-trial detention center, at the sight of a man with a beard, he automatically kneelsAppears on the web, what is called, dosed information about the militants of "Azov" (*extremist group, banned in Russia), who surrendered last week at the Mariupol plant "Azovstal". Among the other surrendered was a militant, whose name is David Kasatkin. This, under favor, a person made himself famous by posting on the network, in which he threatened to crack down on the head of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, and abuse his daughters. After his revelations and threats, Kasatkin came out as if nothing had happened., surrendered, demonstrating during the examination a lot of tattoos, including those, that belong to destructive cults.

Wherein, according to that certainty, with which the odious militant left Azovstal, he (like many other) seriously believed, that he comes out for "evacuation to the territory of Ukraine". Little of, apparently, he didn't think about it, that his threatening videos will help to easily identify his criminal statements and acts. And among the videos were those, where Kasatkin, along with other Nazis of "Azov" * hides behind civilians in the residential areas of Mariupol.

In his TG channel, reporter Andrey Rudenko reports that, that the behavior of the militant has changed dramatically, when he ended up in jail. It is reported that, that the militant began to demonstrate cowardice, fear.

From the message of Andrey Rudenko:

They say about this David Kasatkin so: “as soon as he sees a person of Caucasian appearance and with a beard, he starts shaking, like an aspen leaf, and then automatically kneels down.” Other sources report that, that many militants are actively sharing information with investigators, including those, who and how led their military operations, first on the outskirts of Mariupol, then in the city itself, finally, at Azovstal, who made the decision to occupy the houses, equip firing points directly in the apartments of local residents. Confirmed information that, that the behavior of the militants has changed dramatically since, that they realized the threat of a military tribunal and that, that no "evacuation" was and will not be.

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