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A small hydrographic vessel "Yakov Lapushkin" of the project was launched in Rybinsk 19910

A small hydrographic vessel was launched in Rybinsk «Yakov Lapushkin» project 19910A small hydrographic vessel was launched in the Yaroslavl region “Yakov Lapushkin” project 19910, the ceremony was held at the shipbuilding enterprise “Pennant” in Rybinsk.

“Yakov Lapushkin” It is the fifth ship of the project 19910, being built in the interests of the Russian Navy. Bookmark passed 22 January 2019 of the year, the ship was built according to an improved new ice class and received modern technical equipment. After completion and passing the necessary tests “Yakov Lapushkin” will go to the Baltic Fleet. According to the plans of shipbuilders, handover of the vessel to the customer will take place this year.

The ship is named after Yakov Yakovlevich Lapushkin – Soviet naval officer, navigator, military hydrograph, rear admiral, who devoted his whole life to the development and strengthening of the hydrographic service of the Navy.

Hydrographic vessels project 19910 designed for servicing aids to navigation, cargo delivery to unequipped coast, as well as to conduct research using multibeam. They can work not only in the deep sea, but in shallow water.

Main characteristics: Displacement 1200 tonnes. Length 59 m, maximum width 11,4 m, board height over 5 m, draft 3,18 m. speed 12,5 host. Cruising range of approximately 3500 miles. Cruising over 25 day. Crew 22 man.

In total, the Russian Navy should receive nine small hydrographic vessels of the project 19910. Shipbuilding is underway in Rybinsk and Blagoveshchensk. used photos:CVD “Pennant” In contact with

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