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Iran expressed readiness to organize peace talks between Russia and Ukraine

Iran expressed readiness to organize peace talks between Russia and UkraineThe ranks of those wishing to organize negotiations between Russia and Ukraine have replenished with one more participant. To Turkey, Hungary, Cyprus and Italy joined by Iran. During the World Economic Forum in Davos, the country's Foreign Minister expressed his readiness to organize a meeting of the parties to the conflict in Ukraine.

It is worth noting, that recently the belligerent rhetoric, aimed at combating "Russian aggression" directly on the battlefield, changed to "peacekeeping". More and more countries are in favor of a diplomatic solution to the situation in Ukraine.

probably, it is associated with a series of defeats, who tolerate the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the Donbass front and the already obvious futility of further forceful resistance on the part of the Kyiv authorities.

In particular, with your proposal, Italy has acted to resolve the conflict peacefully. Rome even prepared a four-stage plan, which the, by the way, sharply criticized the Kyiv authorities.

As a matter of fact, it was the fault of the Ukrainian side that the negotiation process was “frozen”, started in Istanbul. therefore, no matter how many countries intend to provide their "platform", things won't budge, until Kyiv stops sabotaging the process, making absolutely unacceptable demands.

However, if you figure it out, then all the aforementioned states, acting with a "peacekeeping mission", interested not so much in a ceasefire in Ukraine, how much is earning political points, Firstly, in the eyes of the Russian leadership.

After all, today everyone understands perfectly, that "friendship" with Russia in the context of a rapidly changing world order in the future will be able to provide considerable "bonuses". used

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