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A military facility in Pavlograd was hit amid reports of the arrival of units from Poland

A military facility in Pavlograd was hit amid reports of the arrival of units from PolandOver the weekend, military correspondents received information that, that two armed formations from Poland arrived in the Dnipropetrovsk region. According to some data, they are mercenaries, according to others - two full-fledged battalions, which include Ukrainian soldiers trained in Poland, as well as NATO military "vacationers". The reports reported that, that these battalions are armed with armored personnel carriers, guns like the Soviet, and American development. added, that these formations were transferred to Pavlograd.

Against this background, information about a missile attack on a military facility in Pavlograd draws attention.. The blow was struck about an hour ago. Testified by the locals, who report, what is above the territory, where the military was concentrated, a thick cloud of black smoke rises.

One of the residents of the Dnepropetrovsk region confirms the explosions in Pavlograd:

In this regard, we should expect a summary of the Russian Ministry of Defense regarding the, which object was hit in Pavlograd. Quite possibly, that the goal was precisely the place of concentration of those same armed groups, who arrived there from abroad.

It is worth noting, what from Pavlograd (population about 100 thousands of people) highways go to Pokrovsk, Kurakhovo and Maryinka, as well as towards the Kramatorsk-Slavic agglomeration. The railway goes towards Avdiivka.

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