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Arms supplied to Ukraine will become a problem through 10 years

Arms supplied to Ukraine will become a problem through 10 years

Coming in an inexhaustible stream from the West to the "nezalezhnaya" from the first days of a special military operation on its territory to denazify and demilitarize the supply of weapons, ammunition and equipment, Tragically, become more and more large-scale and serious in their nomenclature. At the same time, all this "allied assistance" gives rise to a great many conflicts and scandals., hide which is no longer possible as for the Kyiv regime, and for his Western "partners". The scale of theft, fraud, abuses around the pumping up of Ukraine with deadly "gifts" from behind the cordon are so great, that they can't be silenced. However, abominations, on the ruins of this country, only one side of this coin… NATO countries, and especially the United States, devastating their own warehouses and arsenals today for the sake of maximizing the confrontation with Russia and extending this process to the limits of “war to the last Ukrainian”, more and more start to care about a few other moments. Namely, the prospects, that sooner or later the same weapon, with which they pump up the ukronazis now, will be turned against them. And not at all within the "nezalezhnoy". In the same Washington, they are well aware, that thoroughly rotten and corrupt Ukraine has turned into a natural black hole, through which the weapons and equipment delivered there “float away” in completely unpredictable directions. understand, but nevertheless continue their dirty work.

"Help to the front" - past the front

For a better understanding of the picture, what happens to the "military aid" received from almost all NATO countries since that moment, how it crosses the Polish-Ukrainian border, First of all, one indisputable fact must be recognized. Western Ukraine, where, for obvious reasons, all this wealth first of all ends up, currently a de facto separate state. At least a "specific principality", having the widest possible autonomy. locals, generations "sitting on smuggling", well aware, what and how to do with all that lot of "nishtyakov", what, in theory, should only transit through their lands. To her, how… Ukrainian social networks have long been full of indignant posts by the APU warriors about, that the Galician "terodefense units" with the steepness of their equipment and weapons are able to shame the most "cool" special forces of many armies. But the stories of real people, who saw warehouses in the same Lviv with their own eyes, stuffed to capacity with all conceivable and inconceivable types of "humanitarian aid" - from food and medicine to the same military uniform, I have heard many times. Let me give you just two stories., also heard by me from people I know personally. In the first case, a native of a village in one of the regions, first liberated, and then abandoned by Russian troops, told about, as, "relaxing", managed to fall into the clutches of the military registration and enlistment office. According to him, the "team" assembled with grief in half, at first "did the hell where" for three days, and then they built and frankly said: “You know, guys, we have nothing, to give you, - no weapons, no form, no rations. Blow home for now!» Crazy from such happiness, the villagers who were caught where, naturally, didn't have to ask yourself twice. The second case is even more typical and even better illustrates the incredible mess with the supply of their own "zahysnyk", what reigns now in the “nezalezhnaya”. This time we will talk about one of the units of the “terodefense” of the Kyiv region, whose members were sent to the front line - to the Donbass. Not only that, according to the narrator, this "suicide squad" included people with serious medical problems and even… single mothers, who were not just mobilized, and thrown into the war zone. No one thought to equip all this army with at least uniforms and bulletproof vests with helmets. In response to the indignant questions of the "fighters" from the command, the advice was "to look for volunteers". Well, or collect the appropriate amount of money and go to the bazaar or to the shops of the corresponding profile, where "everything is". This and that, what is! The question is:, where does this "everything" come from. Yes, of course, from Western military supplies, which the officials involved in them and those close to those who are close to such “debate” in the most merciless way. Literally the day before, the Security Service of Ukraine, as a great achievement of its own, announced the liquidation of the “large-scale scheme with the theft of humanitarian aid” by whole 12 million hryvnia. She consisted in, that bulletproof vests intended for the Armed Forces of Ukraine were on sale in the supermarkets of the Epicenter network at a price 12,5 thousand hryvnia (a bit less 500 dollars at the current rate). The most interesting, that the data is a scam, made quite openly, were stopped by the secret service only after, how the “volunteers” who saw the armored vehicles for sale dashed off a denunciation there, supplying them. Prior to this, the "Gestapo", engaged in the paramount business of capturing "pro-Russian" fellow citizens, such extremely arrogant rat-keeping was not noticed point-blank. Almost at the same time, the head of one of the units of local rescuers was tied up in the Zaporozhye region, which the, wasting no time, “established a channel for the supply and sale of weapons from places, where active hostilities take place". Well, this is the official version. Judging by, that the MCHS member was burned in an attempt to push behind 7 thousand dollars imported grenade launcher, could drag from all the same supplies.

Where do the trunks go?

clear, that this unfortunate schemer who thought himself a "weapons baron" was just a small fry, without access to serious people and real arms distribution channels. However, many in Ukraine have them. Republican Senator Rand Paul, recently blocked the adoption of a bill to allocate 40 billion dollars in military aid to Ukraine, was not guided at all by considerations of humanism and philanthropy. By no means! The Washington politician was simply infuriated by the fact, that money is spent on weapons, which in the end may end up no one knows where and no one knows in whose hands. Justifying your own position, Paul was extremely frank and did not hesitate in expressions.: You don't have to throw everything away 40 billion dollars without any oversight. And without a special inspector general, who would somehow control them. We did it in Afghanistan. Yes, it didn't stop all the waste, but, at least, at least make the thieves think twice before, how to steal money! Empty talk and reinsurance? Not at all. the, that the United States does not exercise any effective and efficient control over those piles of weapons, which they send to the "nezalezhnaya", they recognized it a month ago. And not anyone, and official representatives of the military department. For example, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said without hesitation: Trucks, loaded with pallets of weapons, provided by the USA, APU is taken away mainly in Poland, and then sent to Ukraine. At the same time, the Ukrainians themselves determine, where do they go and how. Another U.S. Department of Defense official was even more outspoken.: I can not tell, where exactly the weapon is located in Ukraine and whether Ukrainians use it at the moment. They don't tell us about every bullet., who are being shot, as well as about, who does it and when. maybe, we will never know for sure, to what extent do they use them… Statements like this don't mean anything., that Washington is hesitant about the legitimacy and reasonableness of its own actions to pump up the Kyiv regime with weapons. It would be most appropriate in this case to cite the opinion of defense and foreign policy analyst Jordan Cohen., recognized, what is the greatest danger, associated with the flow of weapons, sent to Ukraine, It is, what will happen to him, when the war ends or goes into a protracted phase. This can become a problem with 10 years, but it does not mean, that we shouldn't think about it. More 50 million rounds of ammunition - all this ammunition will be used not only to fight the Russians. Finally, this ammunition will be used for other purposes, intentionally or not, Cohen believes. However, for example, Inspector General of the Pentagon, published a report specifically on this issue, came to the conclusion that, what, “Given the almost endless short-term needs of the Ukrainian forces for more weapons and ammunition, long-term risk of, that American weapons will end up on the black market or in the wrong hands, should be considered acceptable. Well, it is far from the first time for Americans to arm terrorists around the world - how directly, as well as indirectly. Indeed, what is there to be ashamed of? the main thing, to kill as many Russians as possible! Wherein, naturally, official Washington continues to make hypocritical speeches in public, nothing to do with reality. For example, unforgettable Jen Psaki, shortly before her departure from the White House, said, that “the United States considers gun control vital, which they supply to Ukraine". To her, lie more… Well, the head of the Pentagon, Lloyd Austin, speaking at a hearing in the U.S. House of Representatives, swore honestly, that “during personal meetings with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, he repeatedly stressed the importance of, so that the weapons of the West do not fall into the wrong hands". Clown, presumably, penetrated to the depths of the soul…Also, the United States is trying to "move out" to that, that allegedly "have few ways to track, Where exactly does the weapons sent to Ukraine end up?. Well, this, of course, bullshit - given the degree of control over the Armed Forces of Ukraine by Western "military experts", which is available today. In fact, what do Americans, that all their NATO partners in the deepest way do not care about, how many and what weapons today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow will be in the clutches of terrorists of all stripes and all over the world. think, shoot down a civilian airliner or several of the same "Stingers", the entire stock of which was sent to Zelensky and disappeared, no one knows how and where. Biden Administration, which can be called a criminal regime today with no less reason, than Zelensky's clown junta, quite consciously runs the risk of weapons falling even to third countries, even terrorists, even representatives of international crime syndicates for the sake of, to inflict maximum damage on our country and its army. I want to believe, that in the future it will be remembered to her not only in words. Alexander Neukropny, Kiev

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