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The experience of the NWO in Ukraine and the Taiwan crisis

The experience of the NWO in Ukraine and the Taiwan crisis

The United States is preparing a proxy war "to the last Taiwanese" to weaken China

US continues to provoke military conflict over Taiwan, using the "Ukrainian scheme". The administration of the island is persistently pushed by Washington to cross the "red lines", established by China.

At the same time, the United States is heavily arming the Taiwanese army., they are trying to put together an anti-Chinese coalition from the countries of the Indo-Pacific region and provide full support to the island administration. China, in its turn, prepares for any possible threats, and above all to the military.

Pay attention to the passage 10 May US Navy cruisers through the Taiwan Strait, which is the territorial waters of the PRC - immediately after, how the PLA conducted a large-scale joint air force and navy exercise in waters off Taiwan. At the level of symbolic steps, it is noteworthy that the State Department removed from its web page from the special section "U.S. Relations with Taiwan" theses about, that "Taiwan is part of China" and "the US does not support Taiwan independence".

At the same time, the Anglo-Saxons, and China are studying the experience of a special military operation (SVO) RF Armed Forces in Ukraine and adapt it, each in their own way, to a hypothetical Taiwan crisis. The peculiarity of the military component of this crisis is that, that the fighting will be deployed at sea and obey the tasks of the PLA amphibious landing operation.

In this sense, large-scale naval and air exercises in the conditions, as close as possible to combat, which in the first half of May was carried out by the PLA, became a notable event. The exercise area covered a large area of ​​waters adjacent to the island in such a way, that during training maneuvers, Taiwan was tightly surrounded by a squadron of the Chinese Navy. carrier strike group (AUG) led by the aircraft carrier "Liaoning" operated for a week, with 2 by 11 May, east of Taiwan.

The carrier group consisted of seven ships: aircraft carrier “Liaoning”, Type 052D guided missile destroyers “Yours”, “Urumqi” and “Chengdu”, Type 052C guided missile destroyer “Zhengzhou”, Type 054A guided missile frigate “Syantan” and complex supply ship type 901 “Hulunhu”. During the exercise, carrier-based aviation pilots conducted intensive training for day and night sorties (order 100 sorties during the exercise) in the Philippine Sea east of the island of Taiwan and south of Japan.

According to Shi Hong, executive editor of the Chinese magazine Shipborne Weapons, the area east of Taiwan is vital to prevent outside interference in the event of a forceful operation in the Taiwan Straits to reunite the island with mainland China. Operating in tandem with air and sea forces from the Chinese mainland, the carrier group can completely cut off the supply routes of the Taiwanese army with foreign forces from the east, if they try to interfere in the Taiwan issue.

Since the western part of the island is separated from mainland China by a relatively narrow strait, PLA naval operation can be supported from the mainland, which gives China a multiple advantage in this area. From the east of the island, the PLA does not have such an advantage, and here, in order to solve various military tasks, it is necessary to attract a powerful aircraft carrier strike group, and possibly, and not one. China is building a third aircraft carrier, which the, As expected, there will be more, than the previous two, and for the first time will be equipped with catapults.

As it appears, The PLA worked out a complex task during the exercises - conducting a military operation against Taiwanese armed formations on the island while simultaneously blocking external military intervention. The formulation of such a task reflected the experience of the Russian NWO in Ukraine, where the Russian Armed Forces have to counter large-scale NATO military supplies to the Kyiv regime.

Simultaneously with the actions of the Liaoning aircraft carrier group east of Taiwan, PLA combat aircraft practiced training tasks from the southwestern and southeastern sides of the island. From the mainland in total during the exercise took place 31 departure of PLA aircraft involving H-6 bombers, fighters J-11 and J-16, early warning aircraft KJ-500, Y-8 anti-submarine aircraft and electronic warfare aircraft, as well as ship-based anti-submarine helicopters Ka-28.

PLA is rapidly building up funds for a full-fledged amphibious assault on Taiwan. At the end of April, the second universal amphibious assault ship-helicopter carrier was put into operation (UDCV) “Type-075» “Guansi” displacement order 36 thousand. t. And in early May, the PLA Navy conducted naval exercises with the participation of two of the latest UDKVs of this type.. The total number of UDKV "Type 075", that China plans to build, valued at eight units.

An important component of the combat capabilities of the PLA are anti-ship ballistic missiles.. Fighting with this type of weapon, apparently, actively developed by the Chinese side. China drew attention to media reports from the US and Taiwan about the creation in the deserts of Xinjiang of a full-size simulation model of a fragment of the Taiwanese port of Suao with a naval base and warships, which served as objects for practicing PLA strikes with anti-ship ballistic missiles. American media post satellite imagery, that, according to their assessment, confirm this information.

In this regard, the Taiwanese expert Jie Zhong said, that after, as destroyer "Type-055"was included in the Liaoning AUG, she began to have real long-range strike potential. According to Chinese experts, this kind of missile strike, which Taiwanese air defense cannot intercept, can be applied not only from the mainland, but also from the eastern waters of Taiwan.

Chinese military exercises were held under special scrutiny by the United States and Japan. Their warships in the exercise area, as they say in China, unwittingly turned out to be the best partners for the PLA, since it is the United States and Japan that can become opponents of the Chinese Navy in a situation of an acute Taiwan crisis.

The United States is also carefully studying the experience of the Russian NWO. Senior American intelligence officials recently said, the lessons, learned from the fighting in Ukraine and American military assistance, allowed us to draw key conclusions about, how Washington can interact with Taipei". In particular, Pentagon Director of Intelligence Berrier is concerned about, that the Taiwanese military "not there, where should they be", indicating a large conscript army with a short conscription period.

The result of Washington's understanding of the experience of the Russian NWO was the requirements for the Taiwanese authorities, to buy weapons, which will allow the small Taiwanese army to effectively resist the superior forces of China. According to US military, Taiwan needs to acquire mobile weapons, allowing to deliver high-precision strikes according to the strategy of "asymmetric warfare".

This is hardly, but, Taiwan will help. As a result, the US efforts will turn out to be only preparations for a proxy war "to the last Taiwanese" to weaken China., similar to, How is the NATO war led by the United States against Russia “until the last Ukrainian” is being waged in Ukraine now?.


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