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Militant "Kalina" recorded his shortest video, stated, that he is still at the Azovstal plant

thriller «viburnum» recorded his shortest video, stated, that he is still at the factory «Azovstal»His shortest video of all time was recorded and aired by the deputy leader of the Nazi armed formation "Azov" (*It banned in Russia) S.Palamar (known by the callsign "Kalina"). In an 18 second video, which was filmed on a smartphone camera with a flashlight on, he states, that “he and other representatives of the command” are on the territory of the Azovstal enterprise.

Recall, that this morning the military commander Steshin published a post in his TG channel, where he stated, that Palamar had already surrendered and was sent to jail. Later, reporter Irina Kuksenkova stated, that "Kalina" has not yet left the bunker at "Azovstal", but 'may come out on Friday, 20 May ".

Now Palamar, after a long break in the “streams”, decided to go on air himself. At the same time, the militant announced an “ongoing special operation”:

I will not disclose its details. Palamar further stated, which thanks "the whole world", and also thanks Ukraine “for support”.

In connection with Palamar's statement, a version was expressed that, that the leaders of "Azov" *, senior officers of the Armed Forces, located in the basements of Azovstal and, probably, foreign mercenaries, could decide, that the protection of the perimeter of the plant after the release of hundreds of surrendered will weaken, after which the rest will try to break through or wait for the “operation under the control of the Ukrainian military and intelligence” promised by Zelensky.

For obvious reasons,, if at least one of the leaders of national formations manages to “leak” outside Azovstal, then the Ukrainian side will present it as the "greatest victory".

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