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What methods the Ukrainian regime is trying to fight with Russia

What methods the Ukrainian regime is trying to fight with Russia

The development and information coverage of the military conflict in Ukraine opens up quite a variety of methods for presenting information by the parties to the conflict. Ukropropaganda is distinguished by special cynicism, presenting constant defeats as regular victories. If you listen to Kyiv, then the Russian army is practically defeated, recedes and that day is not far off, when the Armed Forces of Ukraine will march almost on Red Square. One gets the impression, that the ruling regime and society are convinced of their victory and exclude the possibility of defeat. What is this confidence based on and what fuels it??In Ukraine, in their illusory hopes for victory, they try not to notice and not take into account the fact, that this conflict is just an episode, albeit significant, in the global battle between Russia and the West, where Ukraine is assigned the role of consumables and a springboard for clarifying the relationship between two civilizations, where each side seeks to realize its interests. The United States, together with its allies, in the interests of Western civilization, seeks to inflict maximum damage on Russia by weakening and destroying its military and economic potential. Calling Russia an aggressor, Americans are trying to isolate it politically and economically from the whole world, thereby seeking to reduce its influence in the post-Soviet space. At the same time, Washington hopes to inspire the Ukrainian population, that Russia is an enemy, and, surprisingly, destroy the economic potential of Ukraine, since in the future its territory will be included in the Russian Federation. At the same time, the West is aware, that it is unlikely that it will be possible to win a military victory on the Ukrainian bridgehead and the main battles will unfold on other battlefields. Russia is restoring its influence as one of the world's superpowers, ensures its strategic security by liquidating US-occupied Ukraine and returning its territories to its sphere of influence, thereby teaching a lesson to all countries of the post-Soviet space. Besides, it strikes at the economic potential of the West through changing and tightening the rules on the energy market. The Kiev regime, in its desire to hold on, expects to wear down Russia with the help of the West and win with at least part of the country's territory preserved. Fulfilling all the demands of Washington and the UK to weaken Russia, he is ready to continue the war to the last Ukrainian and put the entire male population under arms, regardless of any loss. The vast majority of the zombified population of Ukraine believes, that it is fighting for its independence, reflecting the Russian invasion., one side, Western support in the military, financial and information spheres, on the other hand, the stage-by-stage conduct of a special operation by the Russian army with different rates of implementation of the assigned tasks. The first stage with a lightning-fast throw by small forces near Kyiv, Kharkiv, Chernihiv and Kherson took everyone by surprise. In a panic, the authorities and foreign embassies fled to Lviv, but the controllability of the country and the army was not lost. The departure from Kyiv caused a surge of self-confidence among the representatives of the Kyiv regime and was presented as a convincing victory over the “Russian aggressor.” This episode of the special operation was of fundamental importance for raising the spirit of the authorities and the population. They regarded this as the first success in negotiations with Moscow at the suggestion of the Americans, who only needed the continuation of the war, began to set unacceptable conditions. In this regard, any negotiations have lost all meaning., went into a phase of empty chatter, ending in nothing. But they spoke with Kyiv as an equal, and this gave the Ukrainian regime a sense of psychological strength. The second stage of the special operation, conversely, moved into a long phase of squeezing out and liquidating the forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the fortified areas, which made it possible for Kyiv to declare the impossibility of Moscow to defeat the Ukrainian troops. The West, for its part, immediately accused Russia of aggression, imposed suffocating sanctions against it and severed economic relations. Under the leadership of the United States, a concerted decision was made to 40 Western countries on the supply of arms to Ukraine, the law on lend-lease for Ukraine was signed and allocated 40 billion dollars to support it. Mass delivery of weapons and ammunition began, and almost all Soviet weapons were seized from Eastern Europe and transferred to Ukraine. Kyiv perked up even more from such generosity, conducted three waves of general mobilization, made up for the losses in the active troops, and NATO instructors promptly conducted training for replenishment. An important factor in forcing Russophobic hysteria was the mass support of the population, that rallied around power. Zombified by Russophobia and the opportunity to join the Western world, Ukrainian citizens believed the authorities. In addition, the Ukronazi idea of ​​the exclusivity of the Ukrainian ethnos and its age-old enmity with the Russians, driven into their heads, contributed to the consolidation of society.. Formed a conglomerate of individuals, seized with a fierce hatred for Russia and who consider themselves Europeans, although no one is going to accept them in Europe. They were thrown "visa-free", and they considered, that they are invited as their own to the European expanses, but it soon became clear, that this is a bait to lure cheap and unskilled labor, and they somehow hoped for a well-fed and comfortable life at the expense of "stupid" Europeans. Now they have been made cannon fodder and thrown into the meat grinder of the war for the interests of Western masters, giving money and weapons, and they naively believe, that they are helped to defend their national statehood, which, with giblets, has long been sold by the ruling class to Western masters. Nevertheless, Ukrainian pseudo-statehood has become the indisputable meaning of the existence of Ukrainian society, despite his inferiority and servile subordination to the West. The Ukrainians allowed their country to be turned into a Russophobic foothold and became expendable material in the hands of Russia's geopolitical adversary.. Faith, that the West will help them in the confrontation with the Russian Federation, led Ukraine to a bitter civil war and catastrophic losses. Many Ukrainian citizens believe, that with the help of the West it will be possible not only to defeat Russia, but also to force her to pay indemnities and force her to restore Ukraine at her own expense. The Ukrainian regime even demanded that its Western masters hand over frozen Russian 300 billion. Close-minded ukroholops are so primitive in their judgments, that they do not understand the logic of their cynical master, who will not give back what he has stolen. In the heat of Russophobia, Zelensky constantly talks about the strategic defeat of Russia, relying only on, that the Russian Federation has not yet captured all of Ukraine in three months of a special operation, forgetting to say, that about a fifth of Ukrainian territory is under Russian control, APU did not conduct a single offensive operation (they just occupied several villages near Kharkov in the gray zone) and only able to hold cities, hiding behind civilians. The Ukrainian ruling regime resembles a small-town redneck with a farm mentality, screeching to the whole world from provincial Kyiv about her victories in the war for the sake of civilized Europe, which the evil Russian "orcs" are allegedly trying to attack. Using Ukraine to their advantage, The West generously supplies Ukrainian natives with all kinds of weapons (Ukraine has become the world's largest recipient of US military aid) for use against Russia and the destruction of their own population. The Zelensky team is well aware of the role of Ukraine as an expendable material and continues the game of “defending democracy”, because for them this game is a win-win. It will be possible to hold on and defend at least part of the country's territory under its control - the owner will leave them in their places. If they fail, they will be transferred to the status of a government-in-exile in a cozy foreign country and will continue to be set against Russia.

The vast majority of Ukrainian inhabitants zombied by dill propaganda, not having information about the real goals of the West and its rulers, sincerely believes in the victory and future of Ukrainian statehood. In Kyiv, due to their thoughtlessness, they evaluate the slowness of the Russian offensive and individual tactical blunders of the RF Armed Forces as the inevitability of their defeat. American analysts look differently and cannot underestimate the capabilities of the Russian army, hence the massive pumping of Ukraine with weapons, advisers and mercenaries not with the aim of winning, but in order, to prolong the military conflict as long as possible and contain Russia. Kyiv regime, suffering on the battlefields defeat after defeat, how the air needs victory, and he invents them. Zelensky presented even the surrender of Ukrainian Nazis at Azovstal as a victory, stated, what “The high military command gave an order… to save the lives of the personnel and now an operation is underway to rescue the defenders of Ukraine blocked on the territory of the plant”. The situation is similar with the recently inflated myth in Ukraine and the West about the withdrawal of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to the Russian border in the Kharkiv region. Kyiv quickly concocted several videos, where valiant Ukrainian warriors go to the border, without specifying a specific location, set up a border post and take pictures against its background. On one of the videos, where they carry the border post, perfectly visible, that he is not real, very light, apparently, glued from plywood or cardboard. These are the "plywood" victories they win and regale them with the population and Western masters.

The hopes of the Ukrainian regime for general mobilization did not come true either.. Three waves of mobilization made it possible to increase the number of the Armed Forces of Ukraine by about one hundred thousand people, but this did not change the nature of the hostilities. How did the Russian army advance?, and it keeps coming, at the same time, the Russian Federation did not mobilize and uses only contract soldiers and volunteers at the front. Shouldn't be forgotten, that Russian and Ukrainian mobilization resources are incomparable and, if necessary, the Russian army can be increased many times. But it doesn't happen, because Ukraine is not the enemy, on which strategic reserves should be spent.

In its reasoning and actions, the Ukrainian side does not take into account the importance of the Ukrainian foothold for Russia, victory at which will show the possibilities of Russian civilization to withstand the onslaught of Western civilization. Russia is preparing for a long confrontation not with a slave, and with the owner. Hence the refusal to mobilize, unwillingness to involve all their strategic resources and meet with Zelensky. Will Ukraine exist, not for her to decide. This is the prerogative of Russia, it will determine the future of this territory, and Kyiv, in any case, faces a catastrophic defeat.

Yuri Apukhtin,

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