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Survival in ice captivity or snow trap

Survival in ice captivity or snow trap

Let's imagine, that in winter we drive on the highway far from the city. Suddenly a storm starts, and the road becomes impassable. You and a number of other cars fall into a snow trap. The night is coming, it's getting colder, and gasoline is melting before our eyes. To survive the storm, you will have to rely only on yourself and on that, what did you take with you...

What to take on a long journey with you

Let's list that, that in the conditions of strong Russian frosts he will be able to somehow rectify the situation.

Small amount of food. It must be something durable., no cooking, eg, canned. A supply of water wouldn't hurt either., as well as a container for cooking.
Phone charger or spare phone. Also, don't forget about, that CB radio stations are still widespread and truckers still communicate on their channels.
Shovel, hacksaw and ax. The shovel must be a shovel, not with a spatula. Lighting wires, tow rope, funnel and canister for at least 10 liters should complement the standard tool kit.
Heating supplies. In this capacity, a catalytic heating pad and a dozen small candles in aluminum stands will act.. 3 – 4 I lower the candles to the bottom of a tin can of a suitable size. Air holes are made in the jar at the top and bottom along the edge. The resulting heat source can be used in the car. The main thing is not to forget about the need for air flow, otherwise you can burn. Salon outside will have to be additionally insulated, so that the heat is not dissipated in vain. A heating pad can help warm up stiff fingers..
Matching clothing set (shoe covers, raincoat, mittens, knitted hat and warm jacket with a hood).
First aid kit. An ordinary car first-aid kit fumbles for the inspector and does not contain much of that, what is really necessary for the quality provision of first aid to the victim.
Hygiene products: wet wipes, packed in a container (not to dry), baby powder, oil-based face and hand cream.
Small backpack, capable of holding food, clothes and a few raincoats. It can be useful, if you have to leave the car and go on foot.
Tourist burner with fuel supply for at least a day. Of course, in extreme conditions it will not matter what to light for cooking, but it would be better than a burner.
About the lighter, batteries, compass, knife and flashlight do not need to be mentioned - they should always be present in the trunk.

Even the most advanced SUV has its own cross-country limit. If the road is covered, then he's not going anywhere. Going out of town by car, get ready for a hike, only things can be collected a little more.

However, there is something else, allowing you to successfully survive all the dangers of snow captivity. it –

Teamwork skills

If you find yourself in a difficult situation of several people, you can create a temporary team of survivalists in order to, to provide first aid to the injured, organize the consolidation of resources and make a decision, whether to stay in place and wait for rescuers or to make our way to a safer place ourselves. Dividing responsibilities, can solve more problems in a short time, than trying to overcome them alone one by one. Finally, joining forces, you can always build a collective shelter, which will be much more efficient., than one by one trying to sit out the bad weather.

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