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Application of the Pareto law in extreme situations

Application of the Pareto law in extreme situations
The Pareto Law is familiar to many of us.. Its meaning is, what 20% BCEX EFFORT GIVE 80% RESULT AND 80% REMAINING EFFORT GIVE TOTAL 20% DESIRED RESULT.

This principle is the basis of any human activity., including in the conditions, where to survive. Let's look at some illustrative examples.

1. Preparation. If you are reading this, you surely want to know, how to be prepared for tough conditions? If you have no experience in this area, then your time and assets will be missed. Therefore, you need to highlight the most priority and vital tasks for yourself., that is, those 20%, and focus on them. In survival the most needed resources – it's a refuge, Fire and Water. Without these resources, you are more likely to be overtaken by death..

2. extreme situations. In difficult conditions, you should rely on something, what will most effectively lead you to the desired and necessary result. Unfortunately, many people forget this simple rule, facing all the difficulties of survival.

3. Can a book or blog save a life?? Many experienced people in the field of survival have a negative attitude towards the theoretical study of the basic foundations of survival.. We can partly agree with them., after all, no theory can exist without practical actions. However, the fruits of the theory were still, is and will be, after all, having even the most basic and mediocre knowledge, people got out of the most difficult situations and survived. And some actions generally require only a theory in order to, in order to use these actions in the right way, where theory can help. But you should remember, that from a single theory you will only get 10% and even less, which will bring only about half of the desired result.

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