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poisonous plants

Lakonos American has an attractive, and red berries look very tasty and edible. If you swallow a few, then you can't wake up. Good taste is deceptive. The composition of the berry contains phytolaccine alkaloids, poisoning;
Brush prayer is dangerous for humans and animals due to the presence of abrin toxin, nauseating, renal colic, cardiac arrest. Its colorful fruits are used in beadwork, so wear gloves;
Oleander considered to be decorative, garden flowers and are often used to decorate flower beds and lawns. All parts of the plant are poisonous. Symptoms of poisoning, cardiac arrhythmia can be caused by ingestion and inhalation of fumes from combustion;
castor oil serves as raw material for castor oil. To get it, beans are cooked. But in their raw form, they can cause paralysis and damage to the nervous system due to the toxic substance ricin.;
Merry has juicy, delicious fruits, but leaves and pits in some varieties contain cyanide;
Voronets pachyderm has beautiful white berries. Eating just a few, you can get a dangerous dose of cardiomyotoxin, leading to cardiac arrest;
The messenger very similar to small tomato bushes. but, the alkaloid solanine contained in the fruit causes acute pain in the stomach and leads to respiratory arrest;
hemlock one of the most poisonous plants;
Rhododendron was known to the native Indian tribes as the most poisonous flower. All parts are toxic, especially the leaves.

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