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Tips on how to effectively survive in the forest

Tips on how to effectively survive in the forest
Survival is an extremely difficult art., requiring vast experience and skills. And you will not be able to acquire them by reading a book or watching a video on the Internet.. It can be useful for theoretical knowledge. But the practice needs to be perfected only on the spot..
I acquired most of my skills through self-study., and now I'll tell you, how to do it most efficiently.

What should be done

1. Do you need a team.

To get started, gather a team of like-minded people, team training will be much more effective. You will be able to hone the techniques of hand-to-hand combat, it is impossible to do this without a partner, also learn how to give first aid, dressing, splinting. And besides, in a big company is always more fun.. What could be better, than sitting by the fire at night.

2. Go from simple to complex

No need to try and do this and that. Step by step. Learn to make a fire with a match, with the help of moss, learn different types of knots. And only after that do more complex things..

3. Need to find the right place.

On your first trips to the forest, don't go too deep, stay within reach of civilizations. My first outing was only 600 km from the village. However, even so extreme was more than enough. And there was confidence, that in case of any trouble I can wait for help. You can also build yourself something like a base, some nook, where will your belongings be stored.

4. Prepare supplies

If you decide to go to the forest at a great distance from civilization and for a long time, you need to properly prepare, After all, anything can happen on a trip.. Pack a backpack with different medicines and lots of food. Don't try to start survival without a supply of food, as shown in various TV shows. You are inexperienced and this may end badly.

I hope, these training principles will help you become a master survivalist, good luck! A source

A source



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