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How to make a fire Dakota

How to make a fire Dakota The ability to build a fire in field conditions in nature is highly valued. One of the varieties of open fire is the Dakota bonfire of complex design., in which you need to dig a trench in the ground.

This species comes from North America. It has high heat dissipation, they were widely used by the Indians for cooking, drying clothes, edible stocks, warming. It does not require a lot of wood, he is invisible from the outside, warms well and keeps the temperature for a long time.

To build a fire, you need to spend 1-2 o'clock, dig a hole according to a special scheme with two exits for smoke removal. The fire pit itself is located at the bottom of the pit. – well, smoke comes out through the branch, dug into the ground, and warm air rises. Fire from the ground is completely invisible.

Suitable for digging soft, dense earth, that won't constantly crumble. Shovel dig two holes at a distance 0,3 meters apart and depth 30 cm. The second is at a slight angle to the first., looks like an inverted cone, expanding upward. The diameter of the top hole will be 20 cm. The first hole has the corresponding parameters 35 see above and 25 see below. Underground, both pits are connected.

Dry firewood is laid in a larger well, form a fire and set it on fire. The second hole also serves as a blower, and outlet pipe. Such a fire will not die out even with a strong wind., perfectly dry wet clothes and cook hot food. It is enough to install a strong stick at an angle above the hole, on which to hang things or a cauldron. Depth can be increased depending on the duration of use. Do not make a hole too shallow or create a large flame.

Such a fire can be quickly extinguished, covered with earth. If you flatten the top layer, then you can hide the place of ignition.

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