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Erdogan decided to push aside Russia in Syria.

Erdogan decided to push aside Russia in Syria.

Arab media have long relished the questions, touched upon during the talks between Erdogan and Putin in Moscow. Where did they get them from?? sources.

As the saying goes, if you want to get drunk in any desert you will definitely find a source. Someone will leak information.

And in Syria, and throughout the Middle East, all the media were noisy, breakwater, Erdogan was told in Moscow, that it's time for the Turkish military to leave Syria.

All areas need to be cleared, where the Kurds and the notorious Idlib live. And the deadline — Sunday.

And Erdogan stood at the press conference “loaded” and looked gloomy (But what about the Great Turan and the Second Ottoman Empire?), and VVP explained everything to journalists and praised the leader of Turkey.

And a week passed, and began. Kurds and Syrians began to directly attack the Turks, squeeze, fire on, using artillery.

Erdogan was silent. The situation was heating up.

And suddenly Turkish Foreign Minister Cavusoglu made a speech: “Since the Russians cannot contain the Kurds, we will solve this problem”.

And then Erdogan announced his strong-willed decision.: “We will put things in order in Syria ourselves!”.

We know, which very often Erdogan says, and then nothing happens, But not at this time.

Turkish troops got involved in clashes not only with Kurds and Syrians, but conducted a demonstration shelling of objects, where was the Russian military police.

The knot in Syria began to tighten. Erdogan showed, that friendship with VVP friendship, and service — service.

Erdogan decided not to leave Syria, but impose your own solution to the problem and move the Russian military.

This decision was made, apparently, because of that, that Syrian President Assad took a position, which President of Belarus Lukashenko occupied before the August events — and your, and ours.

Assad began to actively flirt with Iran, to get rid of too strong tutelage from the Russian Federation.

Erdogan wants to play these “contradictions” Assad with the Kremlin.

How do you see: Turks will not leave Syria? Erdogan to strengthen his position in the Syrian Arab Republic? Ours can concede — Iranians move us in Syria? Or the Turks will have to leave Syria by “Moscow's request”?

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