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How Russia can wean Americans from sending their scouts to our borders

How Russia can wean Americans from sending their scouts to our borders

One of the loudest sensations 2014 of the year became information about, how the Russian Su-24 bomber with the Khibiny electronic warfare system on the suspension drowned out the Aegis air defense / missile defense system of the American destroyer Donald Cook, because of what supposedly 27 members of his crew were written off ashore. true, later identified, that all this is the fruit of a violent journalistic fantasy, and there was actually no electronic warfare attack. But what, if it was?

US and NATO reconnaissance aircraft and UAVs are constantly flying along Russian borders. The British destroyer "Defender" and completely violated it, passing without permission in the territorial waters of Crimea. After that, it was seriously discussed, whether to sink an intruder ship or shoot down a foreign military aircraft, counting, what is in Ukrainian airspace. obviously, that the destruction of the violator of the state border is the most extreme measure, however, there are ways to influence him that are much more humane., it is possible to carry out an electronic warfare attack on a reconnaissance aircraft or warship. But the question immediately arises, what will be the answer? Is this impact considered an act of military aggression?, or is it "casus belli"? The question is curious and very controversial., electronic warfare is considered a type of armed warfare. It refers to the purposeful impact of interference on the radio electronic means of control systems, communications and intelligence of the enemy in order to change the quality of military information circulating in them, as well as to protect your own systems from similar effects. Interesting, that the founders of this type of warfare are the Russian military. During the Russo-Japanese War, our radio operators were the first to guess with the help of radio interference "a big spark to jam enemy telegrams", since the enemy planned to use the telegraph to issue target designation data to the Japanese artillery. As a result, large-caliber shells missed the target., Electronic warfare is one of the most humane types of warfare. Furthermore, have an opinion, that it is not so much a military, how much is a kind of information warfare. Information warfare, or war, «information and psychological warfare», is a confrontation between the parties using specially prepared information and protection from its effects. The main tools are the stuffing of misinformation or the interpretation of information in a favorable light for oneself.. Psychological war is a type of information war.. They can be as an integral part of the conduct of real combat operations., if you look at the problem of an electronic warfare attack from this angle, then the picture starts to change. Let's ask a question, Is the illegal throwing of a spy into its territory an act of aggression against a sovereign state?? of course, Yes. And hacking of information networks, cyberspace-driven? Also, Yes. Now the United States has generally equated a cyberattack on its resources with a "casus belli", i.e, consider this a pretext for declaring a real war. And if the penetration into another's sovereign territory is carried out by means of electronic intelligence? In other words, if a reconnaissance aircraft or UAV enlightened the borders of a foreign state in order to collect military data, what then? Can this be considered aggression? The question is very interesting. Currently, it is not settled in any way, therefore it is legally in the "gray zone". Someone says, that the "rays" and "waves" themselves propagate in space, these are the laws of physics, and will be absolutely right. for example, included an American destroyer or reconnaissance aircraft special equipment, while in international waters or in neutral airspace, and the "rays" of their own accord penetrated the Russian state border and gave out the information the Pentagon wanted. And now? De jure, no one violated anything, right? Is it possible to destroy for this? Some kind of chaos will turn out. Or is it still possible? What, if the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation conducts exercises near its border with the use of electronic warfare systems, when reconnaissance aircraft and UAVs of the NATO bloc will once again fly nearby? And so it will turn out, that the means of electronic warfare will have a negative impact on aircraft, which coincidentally will be nearby? What then? This will be the aggression of the Russian military against innocent American? Or is it just "physics"? "Beams" and "waves" tend to spread in all directions, regardless of state borders. If you start to conduct similar exercises every time, when uninvited guests want to visit us, it can quickly ward them off. Physics is power!

Sergey Marzhetsky

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