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Nuland brought cookies to Moscow: chroom – chroom…

Nuland brought cookies to Moscow: chroom - hrum ...

Where is Victoria Nuland without cookies. But if she brought, they are unlikely to be welcomed in Moscow, how the vassals of Washington rejoice, when they are treated to this unpretentious delicacy.

Cookies from the State Department — it's like a sacrament. You take — their man. The tradition came from Victoria Nuland, when in 2014 year she handed out cookies in Kiev “fighters for democracy”.

Nuland is on the black list of Moscow, to be accepted in the Kremlin, the State Department had to remove one person from its blacklist. they say, what a few, but no — just right.

Nuland has conversations with Ryabkov — Lavrov's deputy, and the next day with Kozak. breakwater, want to establish a pragmatic relationship, according to Nuland.

According to Lavrov, the States want admission to the Central Asian republics of Afghan refugees and their military observers. Moscow is not ready for such requests, cookies won't help here.

fun, how the treated vassals from Belarus and Ukraine reacted.

Tikhanovskaya long and enthusiastically told reporters about the treat from Biden, breakwater, how caring he is, she did not eat breakfast and he listened to her and fed her with cookies…

Zelensky behaved modestly — there were two cookies on the saucer with the flags of the USA and Ukraine. Zelensky one crumbled — with USA flag, did not bite with the Ukrainian flag.

Nuland will try to explain, what Moscow expects from Washington honest relations in all aspects of life, and American baked goods are no longer in demand in Russia.

And how do you like Victoria Nuland and her famous cookies?

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