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Georgia loses another region: how Turkey absorbs Adjara

Georgia loses another region: how Turkey absorbs Adjara

One of these days it will be fulfilled 100 years since the signing of the Treaty of Kars, which was concluded in 1921 year. It was under this agreement, thanks to the efforts of Russia, that Adjara returned to the Georgian state.. And it was Russia that guaranteed its presence in Georgia..

All years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the Georgian political elite, fed and raised by the West, I spent all my energy with manic stubbornness on paranoid Russophobia, blaming the Russian Federation for all possible sins.

Three decades from Russia trying to blind an evil monster, threatening the territorial integrity of Georgia, the very existence of Georgian statehood.

Georgia loses another region: how Turkey absorbs Adjara

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The list of stamped accusations and complaints about “aggressiveness of the northern neighbor”, and “Russian occupation”, and “creeping annexation”, and “borderization”. Wasting energy on imaginary danger, representatives of the country's political elite point-blank refuse to see the real danger, which is becoming completely rampant. And it's not about “hostile” Georgia Russian Federation, but oh deep “friendly” and even allied Turkey.

“True friend” and “ally” Turkey sincerely considers Georgia's Adjara to be its territory and does not see it as part of Georgia. To make this dream come true, Turkey, led by Recep Erdogan, spares no effort and has already achieved a lot. She led her penetration into Adjara all the years of Georgian independence., thoughtfully and comprehensively, in all directions: political, economic, cultural and religious.

Many years ago, innocent tricks began, when on the geographic maps published in Turkey, Adjara was already listed as Turkish territory. obviously, for, to prepare an international audience, Turkish President Recep Erdogan, openly proclaiming a course for the restoration of the Ottoman Empire, openly announced his plans.

Georgia loses another region: how Turkey absorbs Adjara

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“Our physical boundaries are different from the boundaries in our heart. Is it possible to distinguish Rize from Batumi? Many historians believe, that the borders of Turkey should include Cyprus, aleppo, Mosul, Thessaloniki, Batumi. Only after losing independence, we will lose interest in these territories”, - said Erdogan.

Time, when such statements of the neosultan caused a condescending smile, passed irrevocably. Erdogan makes no casual statements. There is always a well-thought-out action plan behind them..

The heirs of the Ottoman Empire simply cannot refuse the loot and are always happy to take over other people's territories. So it was with the Syrian Alexandretta, which the Turks, failing to capture in the 20s, opening schools, mosque, gaining financial influence, captured in the 30s, renaming it Iskenderun. Syria today, relying on local Turkomans and the Turkish army, are going to pinch off another piece. Finally, no need to remind, who is behind the dismemberment of Cyprus.

Turkish influence has always relied on the inhabitants of mountain villages, in the overwhelming majority of Muslims. A huge number of Turkish educational institutions open and operate in Adjara: from kindergartens and schools to colleges and universities. A significant part of young people have preferential conditions for education in Turkey. There may be some doubt about, who exactly prepares such an education system?

Georgia loses another region: how Turkey absorbs Adjara

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To this must be added the construction of a huge number of mosques.. Erdogan himself spoke about their purpose with his characteristic frankness., called mosques “our soldiers”, and minarets - “with our bayonets”. It remains to be recalled, that the aforementioned Alexandretta was annexed by the Turks as a result of a referendum. Will it be difficult for them to pull the same trick in Adjara?? I think, the answer is obvious. If Turkey was successful, when she was weak, what can prevent her now, when she got much stronger?

Political, Turkey's ideological and religious influence in Adjara is supported by economic, which is strong throughout the country, and in this region it just rolls over. The strongholds of Turkish influence are numerous hotels, restaurants, cafes and all kinds of entertainment venues.

Georgia loses another region: how Turkey absorbs Adjara

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Today Turks in Adjara feel like real masters. They use the Batumi airport, which practically became their property. To get from Istanbul or Ankara to the Turkish city of Hopa, they fly to Batumi and from there, bypassing customs and border control, sent by road to the border regions of Turkey. So they are faster, more convenient and cheaper.

Numerous projects are being built in Adjara with Turkish money, where locals occupy only a small niche of low-paid jobs. the, what huge Turkish investments bring to Adjara “good”, is an absolute myth, since the lion's share of income goes to Turkey, and only pitiful crumbs remain for the region. Turkish investments are mainly aimed at creating infrastructure for wealthy foreign tourists. Prices, jumped at times, made rest in Adjarian resorts inaccessible for a huge number of Georgian citizens, who under Aslan Abashidze, who led Adjara in the most difficult years, with the most modest family budget, they had the opportunity to carve out a week for relaxing by the sea.

Turkish penetration into Adjara has another aspect - criminal. Speech on the sharply increased drug traffic, smuggling, various frauds when applying for Georgian citizens to work in Turkey. Fleeing extreme poverty, people are ready to accept any job and often become victims of swindlers and organized crime. Since gambling business is officially banned in Turkey, its semi-criminal owners have found a gold mine in Adjara. Various casinos with all sorts of very dubious amusements have multiplied like mushrooms, competing with mosques.

Trade gained momentum “live goods”. If centuries ago, slave traders simply sold young girls and women, then today they were replaced by detachments of recruiters. So, new ulcers appeared on the body of Georgia in the form of the so-called massage and spa salons., where not only local staff work, but also discharged masseuses from Southeast and Central Asia.

it seems, that the alarming situation in Adjara is clear to everyone, except for Georgian politicians. Even realtors recorded, that the citizens of Georgia and the post-Soviet space have significantly reduced purchases of real estate in Adjara, in contrast to the citizens of Turkey.

In fact,, in the text of the Kars Treaty itself, there are no direct indications of the time frame and the 100-year period seems to be officially not officially registered anywhere. But based on the old and absolutely correct principle, that there is no smoke without fire, presumably, that all these are quite actively circulated in Georgia, Armenia's rumors about the expiration of the treaty arose for a reason. To paraphrase the great proletarian poet Vladimir Mayakovsky, it can be argued, what if rumors arise, then someone needs it.

Today things are like this, as Georgia, and Armenia approach this conditional date as weakened as possible. The weakness of their positions is exacerbated by the presence of the deepest crisis, into which international law has deliberately plunged the so-called collective West. It means, that one shouldn't count on real international support. And Turkey, opposing the South Caucasian republics, together with its super-ambitious leader, can get almost complete freedom of hands., to independently determine the future fate of their neighbors.

Therefore, if not the ruling elites, then at least civil society and peoples should be clearly aware of the simple fact, what, like centuries ago, the only guarantor of not only their freedom and independence, but the very physical existence remains Russia. It was, there will be.

Georgy Makharashvili

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