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Greens and bureaucrats freeze Europe

Greens and bureaucrats freeze Europe

An unprecedented energy crisis is rapidly developing in the European Union and in Britain that emerged from it..

Natural gas on the exchange from 800 to 1000 dollars per thousand cubic meters - three or four times more expensive than the cost under long-term contracts. Many electricity suppliers go bankrupt: even an increase in the selling price at times does not cover fuel costs. Energy-intensive production is stopped - for example, nitrogen fertilizers.

I remind you in plain text: exchanges trade primarily liquefied gas from the Middle East and the United States of America. But tankers from there are now going to India, China and at the junction of the Indian Ocean with the Pacific. The lion's share of industrial production moved there from Western Europe and North America. Respectively, there the demand for gas is higher and there is something to pay for it. Therefore, there it is more expensive. But it's not just production, but also in an unusual consumption mode.

Summer in the Baltic and North Seas turned out to be cloudy and almost windless. Wind and solar power plants could not work. The energy deficit had to be covered for the most part with gas from underground storage instead of, to replenish them through the pipes in the usual low demand for summer. In several countries, even the work of stations on coal was resumed, more recently unprofitable against the background of cheap gas.

I inform you in plain text: wind and solar energy are notoriously unstable. But the very demand to reduce carbon dioxide emissions is criminal. Also in 1909 year American physicist Robert Williams Robertovich Wood experimentally proved: greenhouse, i.e. infrared absorbing, gases do not heat, and cool the surface of the Earth. The current global warming is still far from the former millennium ago., when there was no energy.

The greenhouse theory of global warming and all agreements and requirements based on it are a fraud in order to take control of the entire world production. Plaintext ask: know, who wants to become a controller?

Anatoly Wasserman

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