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The head of Naftogaz announced an "intermediate and important victory" over the Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline

Chapter «Naftogaz» He stated «intermediate and important victory» over the pipeline «Northern Stream 2»
One of the main topics for Ukraine, in addition to the speech of Volodymyr Zelensky from the rostrum of the UN General Assembly, was the next discussion of the Nord Stream 2 issue in the American Congress.. Recall, that this summer, US congressmen did not approve a package of sanctions against the gas pipeline operator. Now, according to the chairman of the board of "Naftogaz" Yuri Vitrenko, the situation has changed.

According to Vitrenko, "there was an intermediate and important victory.". Victory over the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.

The head of the Ukrainian company on his Facebook page writes about, that the US House of Representatives passed amendments to the defense budget, which automatically presuppose the introduction of the next sanctions against "Nord Stream-2". At the same time, the same Vitrenko notes with regret, that the Joe Biden administration had previously decided to use the opportunity to implement the exclusion of sanctions leverage from the budgetary norm.


Biden's administration uses strange reasoning, Expressing, that such an exception is imposed for reasons of national security.
The chairman of the board of Naftogaz said, what we (not specified, who exactly are these "we") we continue to convince the US administration that, that these sanctions need to be imposed and that it will be in the interests of the United States, Ukraine and the whole free world ".

Now, as Vitrenko writes, amendments may be supported by the upper house of the US Congress - Senate, which will allow the introduction of sanctions against the gas pipeline.

Vitrenko called Nord Stream 2 "Putin's weapon against Ukraine and all of Europe".

This is another attempt to convince the United States and Europe of the need to promote the thesis of maintaining large volumes of Russian gas transit through the Ukrainian GTS. And despite the fact, that in recent years Kiev has been lying about, allegedly does not use Russian gas.

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