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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the SAR demanded from Erdogan the immediate withdrawal of Turkish troops from Syria

The SAR Ministry of Foreign Affairs demanded from Erdogan the immediate withdrawal of Turkish troops from Syria
Syrian government commented on exacerbation in Idlib province. terrorist groups, operating in the Syrian region, build a virtually complete military infrastructure, hiding behind the so-called Turkish observation posts. And on the eve, as reported by "Military Review", an additional military contingent was transferred from Turkey to Idlib, and without any agreement in the format of the Astana group.

Official Damascus did not leave the transfer of Turkish troops to the north-west of the country without attention. According to the head of the Syrian Foreign Ministry Faisal Mikdad, Turkey builds up occupation forces in the Syrian Arab Republic. Mikdad stated, that it is the presence of Turkish troops in northern Syria that today is one of the main destabilizing factors, it is this that leads to the cultivation of terrorism and extremism.

At the same time, the Syrian Foreign Ministry demanded that Turkey withdraw its troops from Syria.


Turkey is already openly supporting terrorist groups on our territory. These are frank facts of interference in the affairs of a sovereign state.. We demand from the President of Turkey (Erdogan) withdraw Turkish troops immediately.
Damascus reminded Ankara, that the Turkish military is in Syria without a corresponding UN mandate, and also without an invitation from the Syrian authorities.

It should be remembered, that in a few days Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will go to Russia to meet with Vladimir Putin. On the eve, Erdogan allowed himself an attack on the Russian address, stated, that for Ankara the elections to the State Duma in Crimea are "legally null and void". After that, the head of the Kremlin press service Dmitry Peskov reminded the Turkish president in absentia that, that he still has to fly to Russia and discuss really serious issues on the bilateral agenda.

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