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Danger Council: how Turkey tries to undermine the UN

Danger Council: how Turkey tries to shatter the UN0
In the second half of September, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will leave for the United States. Details of the program of the visit were not disclosed, but local media call the trip "critical".

of course, Joe Biden has, what to discuss with a colleague. anticipated, that after the Americans leave Afghanistan, NATO partner Ankara will exercise external control over the situation in the country. Taliban, as is known, resolutely dismissed any proposals for governors. comes, Erdogan in this issue was left with a nose. And this is not an eagle profile. But losing in one, Recep Tayyip will certainly try to catch up in something else.

Reforms for the UN

Judging by the thoughts, which the President of Turkey expresses in his new book "A Just Peace Is Possible", he aimed, neither much nor little, on UN reform. Not by chance, of course, the official part of the visit is dedicated to participation in the General Assembly. At the same time, first of all, plans to reform the organization concern the Security Council. Erdogan seems dishonest, that only five countries have veto power. He would prefer, to increase the number of such countries (You already, probably, guessed, whom, according to Recep Tayyip, not enough in the Security Council), or, basically, deprive someone of such a right.

Danger Council: how Turkey tries to undermine the UN

A photo: © Erdogan's book "A fairer world is possible".

With one blow, the Turkish leader targets all his main opponents on the world stage. Ankara has long been tired of the patronage of the Americans and their traditional ally - Britain. In exchange for NATO membership, you have to pay with the limitation of sovereignty. Wanted to buy weapons not from Washington, and from Moscow - get sanctions.

Turkey and the world

A special and long-standing history of dislike between the Turks and the French. Paris has always openly supported Armenia (although in the case of the recent conflict in Karabakh he did not dare to intervene). It is the French factor that is the main reason, why Turkey has been humiliatingly marinated on the doorstep of the European Union for many years. Election of new NATO Secretary General is approaching, but Ankara may not even twitch. France has long made it clear, which will veto any candidate from Turkey. Not a secret, that Erdogan is aiming at the "position" of the spokesman for ideas not only of the Turkic, but the whole Islamic world. This means, will, if possible, pedal the question of the Uyghurs, to put pressure on China.

Finally, Russia is a country, with which Erdogan's interests have most often overlap in recent years. At some point in the Syrian crisis, the conflict threatened to escalate into a hot phase. At the same time, at the moment Moscow takes a rather restrained position regarding the, how Turkey is realizing its growing global ambitions. In one form or another, Turkey is involved in all major military conflicts in the region.: Syria, Libya, Iraq, Karabakh. Interferes in the internal affairs of European states. AND, calling things by their proper names, even supports separatist movements in Russia. Of course, Moscow cannot fail to notice all this.. But here they also understand, what, whoever comes to power in Turkey, expansion line will remain unchanged.

Weapons for Turkey

And Erdogan? Well, the devil you know… The question is:, where is the red line, which Moscow will not allow its southern neighbor to cross. maybe, this is the arms trade. it seems, this is a matter of principle. Ankara not only did not refuse (as the States demanded) from the first batch of S-400, but also announced, that by the end of the year will acquire a second.

Danger Council: how Turkey tries to undermine the UN

A photo: © S-400. TASS / Denis Belyaev / Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

Business is, of course, OK. Moreover, such a strategically important industry for Russia. But is it worth so hard to arm a potential enemy? Currently Turkey, always ready to use force in any conflict, sponsoring hotbeds of destabilization in Northern Cyprus and Crimea, is one of the main threats to world security. And such a country is aiming for a reformed UN Security Council. 100 years ago, another mustachioed gentleman, who considered his country unfairly deprived, shook the Versailles system. Let's hope, that the lessons of history have been learned.

Christian B. Malaparte

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