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London started “black and white alignment” from mass layoffs.

Лондон начал "чёрно-белое выравнивание" from mass layoffs.

A precedent has occurred in the capital of Great Britain, which started “black and white alignment” in the cultural environment of the island nation. For centuries, proud Anglo-Saxons boasted of their skin color and oppressed representatives of the peoples of Asia and Africa. It's time to change the vector — so decided the aristocratic rulers of Britain.

In connection with the black revolution in the United States, waves of new trends reached the former metropolis — in British society, all the prerequisites for fundamental changes in all spheres of life are ripe in connection with the revision of the whole history at the request of the new reformers.

According to the orders of government officials, agency “English touring opera” fired immediately 14 experienced 30-40 summer musicians — half the orchestra.

And it would not have caused a loud reaction in British society., since the musicians work under contract and the line-up is always floating — some leave, other, better, come. It has always been this way.

The scandal caused the reason for the dismissal. Because, that the whole orchestra consisted only of white musicians, Now, according to the new rules of tolerance, it took half to be replaced by musicians of other races and other moral (moral) landmarks.

Hollywood templates have now begun to permeate cultural niches in Britain and, imitating the US political elite, the imperious aristocracy of the island state actively promotes them into their society, already thoroughly diluted by the massive influx of African and Indian-Afghan migrants.

Moreover, all migrants are at enmity with each other.. Indians consider themselves the masters of England and its indigenous people, Africans squeeze everything for themselves, how they did it successfully in the USA, and Afghans group other Asian groups around them (Pakistanis, Thais, Malaysians). Now in the UK, that still boiling emigrant broth!

Arts Council of England on discredited orchestra leadership links, breakwater, dismissal of musicians, many of whom have worked in the orchestra since the day of foundation and had no complaints, carried out under severe pressure from this authority, reacted, that there were no official orders, but there were private wishes of individual members of the Council.

Comes out in the UK, the notorious “telephone law”, much tougher, than, which was always condemned in the Soviet Union. They now turn out to be much more trenchant than our Soviet officials and party functionaries.

Despite the screaming articles in the British media and murmurs on social networks, confidence, that the alignment of the composition according to the indicators required now: equal proportions of black and white (don't care about talent), normal and unconventional, disabled and newly arrived migrants, the orchestra will definitely take place, and in the entire cultural space of Britain there are now new rules, uncomfortable for the majority of the white population of the islands.

But that's their choice, we wish them success in further steps towards self-flagellation and deviation from their age-old cultural codes.

The times will come, when Afghans and unconventional sects will rule Britain. Everything goes to such a denouement. this, in a natural way, will entail the disintegration of an already completely unreliable association, what is the UK now, and the first to refuse to participate in “alignment” proud scots, who have always been great about Russia, many of their families moved to our country and became Russians, because our values ​​are similar.

Today's Scots have tried to secede twice in recent years. Let's wish them success in their struggle for their moral values.…

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