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In India: Chinese officers spotted at Pakistani army posts in Kashmir

In India: Chinese officers spotted at Pakistani army posts in Kashmir
As reported by Indian media, Chinese People's Liberation Army officers (PLA) have been spotted in the Pakistan-controlled part of Kashmir. Here, according to Indian intelligence services, Chinese military interacts not only with Pakistani counterparts, but also allegedly with militants of radical groups, operating in Kashmir.

Indian military report says, that Chinese officers, along with cartographers and local translators, interact with Kashmiri militants, familiar with the topography of the Kashmir Valley, Jammu, Ladakh. The Indian Defense Ministry said, that they are well aware of these actions of China, and getting such information in the Indian media suggests that, that New Delhi wants to show Beijing its awareness of the Chinese plans in Kashmir.

Especially, as noted by the Indian press, this is not the first case of the detection of the Chinese military in the conflict region, at the posts of the Pakistani army. Earlier, senior PLA officers were seen near the forward posts of the Indian armed forces in the Novgam sector..

Last week, Indian border guards found 6 Chinese pomegranates in a sandbag, abandoned on the median road in Bemin. Operational actions of the military helped prevent provocation on a busy highway, highlighted in the Indian military department.

China is Pakistan's longtime political and military ally. It would seem, the Islamic republic should have had claims against Beijing due to the situation with Uyghur Muslims in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. However, Islamabad turns a blind eye to the Uyghur problem, since it is much more important for him to interact with Beijing in a joint confrontation with India. After all, China, and Pakistan have a common enemy in India.

In its turn, the presence of two enemies at once among neighbors, and even enemies with huge military potential and nuclear weapons, also cannot leave New Delhi indifferent. Indians are closely following any facts of Sino-Pakistani interaction in Kashmir.

In Beijing, India's statements, that there are PLA soldiers at the posts of the Pakistani army in Kashmir, not yet commented.

Author:Ilya Polonsky
used photos:Ministry of Defense of China

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