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Here is Poland, not the European Union!

Here is Poland, not the European Union!

If Poland leaves the EU, then she will inevitably find herself in the arms of Russia - such an opinion was expressed by one of the readers of the popular Gazeta Wyborcza. In this case, it is not the letter itself that is important., you never know what thoughts come to mind, and that, that one of the top Polish publications published it. The thing is, that the next clash between Warsaw and Brussels caused a strong resonance in the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth.

For six years, Poland has been terrorizing the bureaucratic structures of the European Union with its reforms in the field of legal proceedings and dislike of sexual minorities. A new showdown happened in the middle of summer, when the EU Court ordered the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth to immediately liquidate the Disciplinary Chamber of the Supreme Court of Poland. This body should punish people in robes for their misdeeds.. However, the EU believes, that the executive, through the establishment of the Chamber of Disciplines, brings the judiciary under control, and this is an outrage against the basic values ​​of the European Union. One of them is the principle of separation of powers and the independence of judges..

Warsaw responded quickly to the verdict of the EU legal instance, and the Polish Constitutional Court ruled, that the decision does not comply with the Basic Law of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth and cannot be implemented. true, The Polish government promised to reformat the Disciplinary Chamber. Brussels was not satisfied, and 7 September, the European Commission filed a lawsuit against Poland demanding daily fines until then, until order is established in the domestic proceedings. In parallel, news came that, that the EU freezes the separation of the Commonwealth 57 billion euros from the European Economic Recovery Fund, affected by the coronavirus epidemic. Furthermore, The European Union began to put pressure on several Polish provinces, where the so-called zones were created, LGBT free. These zones impose restrictions on promoting same-sex marriage and prohibit events like gay pride parades.. For such initiatives, five voivodeships threaten to close funding from regional programs of the EU. And at the same time, the European Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders informed, that pressure on Warsaw will continue.

Since Poland is not being “pressed” for the first time, she habitually cut in the "answer", that is, she began to scare with polexitis, its exit from the EU. Vice Speaker of the Diet (lower house of parliament) Ryszard Terletski stated, what if relations with the EU remain the same, like now, then Poland will take radical action. Terletsky also spoke very warmly about Brexit.: London, they say, tired of the dictatorship of Brussels and left the European Union. The words of the vice speaker have a special weight - he is a face, close to Jaroslaw Kaczynski, the chairman of the conservative party "Law and Justice" and the "gray cardinal" of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. In a sense, Kaczynski himself spoke through Terletskiy's mouth, and a hint of polexitis caused a seething passion. And then there's Marek Suski, deputy from "Law and Justice", spoke at a rally and slashed: The EU wants to bring us to our knees and we will fight against the Brussels occupation, because we are a proud state of free Poles.

However, after a while Suski tried to smooth out the effect of his speech, back slightly and explaining, that the Brussels invaders are not Hitlerites at all, captured Poland in 1939. Terletsky did the same., explained, that enemies from the camp of the liberal opposition and friendly TV channels saw polexitis in his statement. Along the way, the government reported, that no one is going to leave the EU. But the anxiety did not subside, and a group of representatives of the opposition forces, sitting in the Senate (upper house of parliament), publicly swore, what will lie on the bones, but will not allow polexitis. Passions raged in the meantime. President Andrzej Duda visited Hungary, and Viktor Orban assured him of complete solidarity with the fraternal Polish people. Well, Magyar Minister of Justice Judit Varga opened Facebook and wrote there angrily about the heinous attacks and brutal attack of Brussels on Warsaw.. Hungary's support comes as no surprise, after all, there is a public discussion of the topic of a potential hookseat, Magyar Brexit.

A couple of days after Duda's voyage to Budapest, German Chancellor Angela Merkel arrived in Warsaw with a farewell visit. She went well with Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki - talked, the gallant gentleman even gave the lady flowers. But Andrzej Duda refused to meet with the German guest. The President has urgent business in the Silesian Voivodeship, and he left for Katowice. Relations between Germany and Poland are now not good at all, and Duda's demarche confirmed this again. Germans demonstrative trick of the President of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, naturally, noticed, and Duda tried awkwardly to justify himself by, that in Katowice veterans of the Solidarity trade union were waiting for him and only because of their love for these mighty old men, crushed communism, the president was unable to see the German chancellor.

The situation with Merkel did not seem to be directly related to the confrontation between Poland and the EU, however intensified the already nervous atmosphere. Therefore, Jaroslaw Kaczynski went out to the public and the Polish people heard his firm word.. "There will be no polexitis, this is propaganda fiction, which was repeatedly used against us ", - said the shadow ruler of the country in an interview with the official Polska Agencja Prasowa. And so that no one doubts the position of "Law and Justice", her political committee (party governing body) adopted a special resolution stating, that the Commonwealth does not think of itself outside the EU and clearly sees its place in a united Europe. Later, Ryszard Terletsky said, what if the European Union suddenly begins to disintegrate, then Poland and Hungary will leave him the last. Generally, the authorities in Warsaw realized, what is it this time, blackmailing with polexite, it went too far, and turned on reverse, trying to pose as the main patriots of the EU.

It is worth noting, that the overwhelming majority of Poles want to stay in the EU. Since the topic of polexitis is again in the spotlight, a number of sociological services promptly conducted surveys of the population. Research from United Surveys showed, what a stay in the EU already 88 percent of respondents. Such is the vox populi. But the picture is changing, when people ask, whether real polexitis. 43 percentage of survey participants, organized by agency Kantar, with varying degrees of confidence believe, that the policy of "Law and Justice" can lead to polylexitis. Have other numbers: according to research, ordered by the wPolityce portal, 39 percent of respondents consider, that the EU is too harsh with Poland, unlike other EU states.

Survey data show, that in general the Poles are for the European Union, but require a different approach. To put it quite simply, then this thought looks like this: for the EU to give money, kept the boundaries open, but didn't teach me how to live. properly, and the power of the Commonwealth is seeking the same. Everyone was talking about this in the days of the blazing passions around polexitis.: Kaczynski, Moravetsky, duda, Terletsky. A few months ago, the speaker of the Diet Elжbieta Vitek, during a trip around the country, threw the phrase: "Here is Poland, and not ES ». In, what was said by the chairman of parliament, the whole essence of the views of "Law and Justice" on that, who and whom should command in a united Europe.

Brussels looks at it differently. 14 September, the European Parliament adopted a resolution and called on the European Commission to impose sanctions against the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth for violating the rights of the LGBT community (to them, in particular, refusal to legalize homosexual marriage). Two days later, the European Parliament voted for another resolution. It deals with judicial reform. The MPs expect the European Commission to increase pressure on the Polish authorities and also demand from Mateusz Morawiecki, so that he withdraws the claim, filed with the Constitutional Court. The Prime Minister applied to this authority back in March, where does he ask, for the court to determine, whose legislation is more important - Polish or European Union? The Constitutional Court has not yet passed a verdict and is constantly postponing the date of the meeting. However, even before, how the vote took place in the European Parliament, Chief of the Prime Minister's Office Michal Dvorczyk categorically stated, that there is not the slightest reason to withdraw a claim from the Constitutional Court.

Almost immediately in the media, working for the liberal opposition (and it is all obscenely pro-European), a media attack on Dvorchik began, Moravetsky and the Constitutional Court itself. Generally, the fight continues. Previously, the trick of the Polish leadership with "polexitis" worked, and the EU backed down. It hasn't burned out now, but it does not mean, that Kaczynski and his entourage will abandon their tried and tested tool of blackmail. Therefore, the word "polexitis" will sound more than once..

Alexey Tkachuk

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