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“Gas storm” covered Europe. People demand the truth.

"Газовый шторм" covered Europe. People demand the truth.

In Europe, for almost a month, the real “gas storm”, no less destructive for the economies of the Old World, than powerful tornadoes in the United States.

Gas prices peaked since 2014 of the year. The price of contracts reached 950 dollars per thousand cubic meters — gas becomes comparable to gold, and after the gas, the cost of electricity is growing rapidly.

Several large factories set up in the UK — vaunted “green energy of the future” failed. For two months now, the always windy North Sea has been completely calm. — the fields of the windmills are standing, generating nothing.

What is it, the hand of the Lord or again the Hand of Moscow?

And all because, that Europe has driven itself into an energy corner, disdaining their own interests for the sake of the interests of overseas owners from Washington — restrained Russia in all areas of economic cooperation, especially in the gas sector. Now is the time to stock up on firewood, but the situation with forests in Europe is also tense.

And winter this year is in Europe, according to the forecasts of Western meteorologists, will be especially fierce.

In Europe, stones of anger were scattered for a very long time, and now it's time to collect them., and oh, how heavy they are now!

European media are bursting with alarming statements: “Winter Is Coming! The previous one was cold. Gas reserves in storage facilities are depleted. This winter is predicted to be even colder!”.

European governments in disarray — citizens start asking questions: “Why gas and electricity prices have skyrocketed? Why did you let it go, if you knew, that your actions lead to this collapse?”…

Hundreds of millions of Europeans find themselves on the verge of energy poverty. Already more 50 millions are forced to save on gas and electricity consumption every day.

Green energy fields, which were submitted, how is the future, as a replacement for the main energy sources, did not cope with their task — they are very expensive to install and very capricious to operate, often break down and require huge efforts to maintain them, which nullifies all of their declared environmental activists and businessmen, allegedly, Benefits.

In Germany, the price of electricity increased by 4 times during the transition to “green energy”. Angela Merkel, in addition to the influx of migrants to Europe, was noted and this failed project.

Great Britain backed down altogether — due to downtime of wind turbines, two old power plants are re-launched, coal-fired. Many Britons are predicted in winter “fuel poverty” — they will face a choice: paying for electricity and being warm or freezing and buying food.

What do you think about the energy crisis in Europe? They will let them run “Northern Stream 2” already this year or until the end, they will only hope for mighty America?

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