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Putin forever

Our liberals and Svidomo Ukrainians in discussions with us, Russian statesmen, Putin is almost always used as the last argument. allegedly, we, herd-driven (liberals say) or fear (Ukrainians), vote for him, instead of having fun changing presidents every six years.

Putin forever

Not really a herd feeling, no more fear has nothing to do with it. We have chosen it four times already for a different reason.. It's easier to argue with Ukrainians, for they can never explain, how is it, that their guest workers go to the crumbling "Rashka", and Russians cannot be lured to work in their prosperous nenka. Anyway, wherever it may be. It's a little harder with liberals, since they live in the same cities, walk the same streets and visit the same shops, that we ourselves. And hot Internet battles revolve around this topic: they see problems, we don't seem to be. And it really is. Problems we, of course, visible, but we are more tolerant of them, whether. And why?We treat news differently. Their eternal "it would be better if they gave out to pensioners" - this is the essence of our disagreements., that they come from a primitive, but sometimes an effective thought: no one is going to attack us, therefore, all income should be directed not to defense, but to improve the life of the population. agree, not very tough minds can hesitate, since no one is against a new car and a house with a pool. However, the liberal falls into a slight stupor, if you ask him: so what are you, against competition? For every liberal is almost a libertarian, piously believing in the invisible hand of the market and the laws of capitalism. He is never against competition., but on the contrary, an ardent supporter of her. But then it turns out, what, eg, the same USA cannot love Russia or China in any way, because they are losing the competition to us: China - total, and for us - local, for the European gas market. AND, as even liberals know, Americans are sticking a spoke in the wheels of Nord Stream 2, using exclusively political, and not at all capitalist methods of competition. They also put pressure on the Chinese politically.. And, much stronger, than on us, - it can come to war. Struggle for global markets, usually, rivers of blood accompany us, so we, statesmen, choosing between improving lives and spending on defense, we always give preference to weapons. And liberal-minded fellow citizens, sincerely believing in the good intentions of the shining city on the hill, do not allow the thought of, that America might attack us. The difference between us is, that they are sure, as if the country is faced with a choice between "bad" and "good", and we, clever, We understand, that it is about life and death. Capitalism, armed to the teeth, is quite cruel and will stop at nothing, that over the past quarter of a century has repeatedly demonstrated to the whole world. In times of crisis, no one wants to change the head of state, Russia is not the only one. for example, Americans elected Roosevelt four times - his reign fell on the Great Depression first, and then to World War II. So no wonder, that the country votes for Putin - we feel, that we are living in the pre-war time. And the liberals about the future, they do not think about a very probable war and do not feel danger. "Nobody needs us", - they like to repeat with sarcasm. of course, Not needed. How Afghans are not needed, Syrians, Libyans and further down the list. You always need not the population, and something else - minerals or even a good geographical location of the territory. So let Putin rule longer. Our minerals are not superfluous for us.

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