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Trump said, what to 2022-2024 over the years the USA may cease to exist

Trump said, what to 2022-2024 over the years the USA may cease to exist
45-th President of the United States Donald Trump, who previously announced his readiness to take part in the presidential race 2024 of the year, made a high-profile statement. This statement is being discussed today both in the United States itself, and beyond.

According to Donald Trump, America is going downhill today. The former head of the American state noted, that "Biden's policy is leading the country into the abyss". He rebuked the incumbent President of the United States for, that he makes one mistake after another, including the "mediocre operation to withdraw troops from Afghanistan, vague decisions to combat the "Chinese virus". Chinese Trump is called the coronavirus COVID-19.

But these tirades of the ex-president of the United States are not resonant.. Trump said in an interview with Newsmax, that Americans are now awaiting elections 2022 (to Congress) and 2024 (presidential) years. But, according to the 45th President of the United States, by that time "we may not have a country left".


We're going downhill. There may be no elections, as there may not be a country, in which they are held. USA may cease to exist, if this person continues to make their terrible decisions as president.
Earlier Trump urged Joe Biden to resign. This call was made after the events in Kabul, who went to the Taliban (*terrorist group, banned in Russia).

Against this background, data from a study of public opinion on the subject of trust in the current president were announced.. It turned, that Biden currently has the lowest level of American approval since his inauguration. It composes 44%. At the same time, the number of those who disapprove of the decision of the head of state exceeded the 50 percent.

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