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Almost 30 years in Chukotka to resume operation of the air force base

Almost 30 years in Chukotka to resume operation of the air force base
At the airfield in Anadyr (Carbonic), which has performed exclusively civilian functions in recent decades, the air force base will resume work. The decision to reconstruct the facility was made by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

Sources in the military department reported this to the Izvestia newspaper..

The modernization of the airfield has already begun with design and survey work. Upon completion of the reconstruction, the entire infrastructure will appear there and comfortable conditions will be created for the joint basing of aircraft and drones of different types..

In the early nineties, Russian military aviation ceased to be permanently present in this region.. And only in December 2020 of the year, a link of MiG-31BM fighter-interceptors was transferred to Anadyr for permanent duty. And from Kamchatka, naval aviation planes of the 317th mixed aviation regiment began to fly here regularly.

Former Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation and UN Secretary General Sergei Ordzhonikidze is convinced of the need for a strong military presence of Russia in the Far North, otherwise, any diplomatic and political measures will be ineffective. They will not be able to contain the ambitions of other states.

Therefore, right now, when the interest of major world powers in the Northern Sea Route and Arctic resources increased, Russia should strengthen its defense power in this region.

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