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German President is concerned about Russia's activity on the "eastern flank of NATO"

The German President is concerned about Russia's activity in «eastern flank of NATO»
Russian military activity on NATO's eastern flank has increased significantly, Russian military aircraft increasingly violate the airspace of the Baltic countries. This was stated by the President of Germany Frank-Walter Steinmeier at a meeting with the Presidents of Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

The German President stressed, that Russia is strengthening its presence on NATO borders and this increased activity worries him very much. He assured the Baltic countries of support for Germany personally and NATO as a whole, calling the alliance the only defense against Russia.

How much we need NATO as a strong alliance, we see every day in the Baltic Sea region. I am concerned, that military activity on EU borders is on the rise again
– Steinmeier said.

According to the German President, security situation in the Baltic Sea “very serious”, the threat of incidents increased significantly after the events 2014 of the year. Russian military aircraft violate the airspace of the Baltic countries almost every day. At the same time, he assured, that Germany will monitor the territorial integrity of the Baltic States.

Who threatens the Baltic states, he threatens the whole of NATO, threatens Germany. Therefore, the Bundeswehr leads NATO forces in Lithuania, therefore the German Air Force is guarding the airspace in the Baltic Sea region
– he added.

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