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Why the Taliban were in such a hurry to take Panjshir – explanation from western observer

Why the Taliban were in such a hurry to take Panjshir - explanation from western observer
The photo shows the Afghan army before the capture of the country by the Taliban *

Representatives of the Western expert community are trying to explain the situation, in which the terrorist group "Taliban" (*banned in Russia) it took in the shortest possible time to take control of Panjshir.

Recall, that the Panjshir province until recently remained in fact the last territory of Afghanistan, not controlled by the Taliban *. However, in the end, the Taliban had about 10 day, to gain control over the Panjshir Valley, in which the forces of Ahmad Massoud tried to gain a foothold.

Columnist Enrico Refoyo answers the question of how, why the Taliban were in such a hurry to take control of Panjshir. According to him, it was extremely important for the Taliban “not to repeat the mistakes of the 1990s, when they decided, that the Northern Alliance can be dealt with later - at any time ". Then the forces of the "Northern Alliance" under the command of Masoud Sr. pretty much "spoiled the blood" of the Taliban and did not allow terrorists to settle in Panjshir.

Refoyo also notes, that Panjshir is strategically important. Panjshir Valley is "the gateway from Afghanistan to China". By taking into account the fact, that pragmatic relations are being established between the Taliban and China today and that Taliban leaders have visited the PRC, meeting high-ranking Chinese officials there, we can unequivocally talk about the importance of direct communication with China for the Taliban, developing their infrastructure even in the highlands in the west of the country.

At the same time, a Western observer writes, About, that "Masud's troops are not surrendering". They also understand the strategic importance of Panjshir..


Radical Islamists may commit genocide in recalcitrant valley. Russian, when we fought with the father of the "Panjshir lion cub", didn't think about it, but after all, for radical Islamists this is a common occurrence. Should the Taliban settle completely in Panjshir, then many local Tajiks will have to flee to Tajikistan. This is why people of ethnic Tajik Masud are fighting for their lives, while Massoud himself continues to lead his troops into the valley to counter the Taliban.
At the same time, a Western observer makes a very strange remark, Expressing, that "the military professionalism of the Taliban leaves much to be desired", than, According to him, can take advantage of the troops of Masoud Jr..

Further, Refoyo concretizes his statement with the words that, what if not for Pakistani special forces, then the Taliban would not have taken Panjshir.

used photos:Twitter / Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan

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