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The country of the Frozen

The country of the Frozen

What do the Sun and Ukraine have in common? And here and there something is constantly blazing: then in military warehouses, then in the souls, then in the minds, then in other opposite parts of the body. Consequently, Ukraine, like the sun, never freeze. Her, of course, sometimes it was freezing, but this is so - nonsense, after all, with the first rays of that very friendly star under Ukrainian noses, it began to thaw and the sun-like "nation" again happily reported to the whole world, especially angry Muscovites, About, that successfully survived the winter, despite the use of climatic weapons and the blitzkrieg of General Frost by FSB agents.

Remember the news from the Ukrainian TV tower that, that Muscovite birds fly to Vilna Ukraine and devour local fields? About this in all seriousness talked ukroSMI, but, true, without offering any effective countermeasures. What can be done, to escape from Russian birds, probably staying in officer ranks, and can, even armed? Millions of swifts trained by the KGB-FSB were insolently pecking at the famous Ukrainian kavunas and stealing seeds in the bazaar from Paraska's grandmother. But this unprecedented terrorist attack was not the last resort, used by the "aggressor country".

In between the invasion of birds and the poisoning of the Dnieper, who has recently turned unpleasantly green and smelled, barbaric Russia also sends frosts on the heat-loving Euro-blood, not forgetting at the same time to raise utility rates through their agents in the Verkhovna Rada.

I don't understand at all, why Ukraine still hasn’t thought of issuing communal futures, let's say for gas? With such you can come to any international exchange and earn billions every day., playing strictly for the rise. The rigorous bullish trend of the Ukrainian utility futures will be jacking through one psychological ceiling after another, never going down at all, what will save Ukrainian brokers from the need to guess the further course of the course. The idea is so simple, how brilliant, but even she does not compare in genius with the ingenuity of the sun-faced Euro-breeds themselves in the struggle for temperature. A gloomy bloomer genius has repeatedly violated the laws of Ukraine, and even physicists, for that reason, to defeat the insidious Moscow cold.

Decommunized planting

What you need to do is the first thing to do in order to heat your hut, so that bumblebees and bees humming properly there? Correctly, de-communize plantings and other forest plantations, planted under the damned commies. Stalin's poplars, Khrushchev's acacias and Brezhnev's maples fell under the axes and chainsaws of indigenous natives, like monuments to Lenin. Glory to the heroes!

here, eg, Ukrainian ex-people's deputy Zhuravko last year complained about, that in the warm Kherson region almost all forest plantations have been rooted. Pan ex-deputy reasonably recalled that, that planting along arable land, of which in Ukraine, recall, 75 percent, are present for a reason. The communists planted "Moskal" trees along the Bolshevik fields for the simple purpose of, so that they totally hold back the snow in the fields and allow Soviet birds to nest in the neighborhood in order to destroy all kinds of pests.

The Mirror of the Week publication complains about the Ukrainian wood-burning crisis, pushing mainly on, that trees are taken to Europe. Well, there is such a thing. However, this applies mainly to forests in the Carpathians.. Less significant forests are taken home by thrifty Euro-skins in the sheds on their own, without looking back at the stern look from Brussels. Show in the evening news a reportage about the capture of another lumberjack, carrying a log of wood on a bicycle to his yard, became a pleasant seasoning to the general Ukrainian news table.

Here they overcame the aggressor, a thousand bridges were built here, here they laid out the largest piece of lard from dungs ​​or dungs ​​from lard - it doesn't matter, and here they caught Putin's agent, which is just to think! - stokes the stove, instead of using the democratic gas reverse from Slovakia or riding for the sake of sugrev about, what is not a Moskal. From an outside observer from a similar, apparently, the impression is made, that there is so much order in Ukraine, that there is absolutely nothing to add to crime reports, that's why they have to show the lumberjack grandfather there.

A similar trick is used by US news agencies., where, after a series of bloody reports about foreign countries, they show, how an american policeman removes a cat from a tree, thereby pacifying citizens at the blue screen, for, if they do such nonsense in our country, it means that in general we are going the right way, citizens.

Euro-gypsy revolution

Ukraine has two allies - mov and kizyaki. And if the first is in excess, then the second is clearly not enough. What are dungs ​​in Ukrainian folklore? At first, on them, doused with water and frozen, went downhill. Secondly, they stoked the stoves. And now the sun-like hulks, returning to their roots with glechiks and ancient submarines, returned to the dung.

Former head of the Supreme Ukrainian synagogue Pan Groisman in 2017 approved the Energy Strategy of Ukraine. He wrote on his Facebook about the creation of energy non-profit organizations., who can issue 50 percent of all energy produced in the country. 50 percent - nuclear power plants, 25 percent - renewable sources and 13 percent - hydropower, and the rest is assigned to thermal power plants. If translated into an understandable language, then the electorate was informed, what 50 percent of electricity the country will extract from straw, bulrush, firewood and those same dung. On the occasion of European integration, they can even be briquetted and marked with a pseudo-rainbow LGBT flag. This is exactly what another "MEP" Pan Moskal told about., who believes, what if Ukraine does not want to buy gas from Russia, then she will be doomed to drown with the same renewable sources in the cowsheds.

This topic was commented on by Kukuevsky, as he insists himself, economic analyst Pan Atamanyuk, who and his wife somehow drove to Truskavets at the beginning of the 2000s and for some reason started talking about Russian gas during a tour of the Dovbush rocks, to which one of the drivers - the excursion was uneven-hoofed - replied as follows: “Why do we need gas? We don't need him. If I freeze, the horse gives manure. I will heat the dung in the oven, and everything will be fine ". Such is the European integration.

But not everything is so good with dungs. Ukraine has big problems with cattle meat and order of hornless cattle, which does not give not only lard or milk, but also those dungs. for example, the publication "Strana" last year sounded the alarm about inedible dairy products in Ukraine, what is the reason - the absence of those same cows, which, as the newspaper "Delo" already writes, forced to move to new standards. Not the cows themselves, of course, and their owners, from which are required such conditions for obtaining milk, which no Ukrainian farm is able to provide. However, we got distracted from our biofuel topic..

Several years ago, Ukraine decided to benefit from, that they have not yet forgotten how to produce, namely from feces. Under loud statements about biofuels, Ukrainian journalists crushed farm manure with lacquered shoes, pretending, what are they interested in, how exactly the farmer Mykola is going to extract kilojoules from the under-communized Burenka. So that it doesn't seem like some empty nonsense to anyone, inform, that this summer, the Ukrainian parliament passed a bill on the use of at least five percent of biofuels in business starting from 1 May 2022. All this is presented under the loud slogan "Green Energy".

Go to Khreshchatyk and ask a question to anyone, who looks like a Ukrainian patriot: "Is it appropriate?, in his opinion, benefit from waste, simply put, out of shit?»There is an opinion, what 100 percent will answer strictly positively, internally suspecting, that they are going to benefit from them. But not only Ukrainian patriots are ready to make money on this most famous substance.. There are many companies in the Ukrainian Internet segment, offering appropriate drying equipment, abundantly saturating the offer with pictures with the flags of the European Union. Nevertheless, the idea of ​​drowning with dung still has not yet been able to take root in the vast, and such a thing, as biogas, derived from the same known substance, turned out to be so expensive, which will only work for demonstration at exhibitions within the framework of some futuristic technology fairs of the future under the patronage of, as they like to say in Ukraine, innovative president Pan Zelensky.

Bourgeois with potbelly stoves

Did, why are potbelly stoves called potbelly? Not at all because, that they heat the room like a bourgeois, heating it to temperatures beyond the control of the proletariat. They became potbelly stoves because, what fuel was consumed, like bourgeois, too wasteful, and the efficiency was low in comparison with the same Russian stove. Nevertheless, the sun-faced had nowhere to go. Copy Russian stoves, as you understand, shame, and it's expensive, so they decided to enroll in the Euro-Atlantic bourgeois en masse, wholesale purchasing these heating structures, including for apartments. Heating apartments in multi-storey buildings with solid fuel is a trademark of decommunized Ukraine.

XXI century. Subcutaneous Chips, camera, gait criminals, head transplant, massive launch of satellites into orbit, laser weapon, hydrogen cars and holographic traffic cops on the roads, and in Ukraine, meanwhile, in high-rise buildings, holes are massively punched with punchers for the sake of removing banal oven heating pipes, from which smoke of varying degrees of toxicity will be poured. If Pan bourgeois decides to drown with trees from the nearest forest belt, count, that the residents above are lucky. If tires, abducted from their native Maidan, clothes to dry for citizens, living floors above, you can't stand it anymore.

Sweeping aside the various provincial regions, turn to the capital city Kukuev. If you reveal a little the history of temperatures in the apartments there, then winter +16 will not be uncommon. Notably, that this number began to emerge most actively after the "revolution of dignity". Until, until the kyans had dignity, in winter they were warmed humanly. You can argue: but there are legalized standards, on the basis of which the community can apply to the sports lotto for compensation, reparations and contributions. But here too, as is usually the case in Ukraine, not so simple. While public utilities are being challenged and sued by specific people, those same utility companies show multimillion-dollar debts, explaining, what are forced to save, plunging Euro-Ukrainian citizens into the hated abyss of collective responsibility. But since ancient times it has been known, that collective responsibility is the most unpleasant thing for the Ukrainian organism. Euroukr is the brightest individualist, thinking strictly of self-interest. Therefore, there is such a thoughtfulness in the eyes of the freezing Eurogromadians.

The "Phraza" edition is still in 2017 wrote about, that the citizens of the country of the victorious Maidan, in view of total impoverishment, heat stoves with books, shells from nuts and sawdust. Anyone can find footage from Vilnius Ukraine on the Internet, evidence of, as citizens, those who do not want to pay for Moscow gas, contrary to all laws, smoke the walls of apartment buildings with the pipes of stoves brought out to the outside. This also happens in Kukuev - the mother of some peoples there., and now just some kind of mother. So, do you know, it happens, when the village conquers the city. Not that I hate the rustic vibe, but, when it spreads to the whole country, it does not lead to anything good.

As Pan-Deputy Yury Boyko said, people are forced to switch to firewood and coal, refusing to know whose gas. However, Pan Boyko conscientiously forgot to add, what led to this, including his Party of Regions, and then the Opposition bloc, who happily waved any European integration papers, plunging Ukraine into the abyss of debt activity with a geometric progression. A similar big hello to the Ukrainian undefeated communists.

"We will not freeze and we will win"

You can disagree, but the Ukrainian anthem is a prophetic thing. Filled with a bunch of fears, as well as the promises of the peremog the song was embodied in a strictly opposite fate for those, who performed it. Fears became a reality, and "peremogi" - reality. Judge for yourself, are there many folk hymns in the world, in which it is sung about the victory over the enemy after sunrise? Some Youngoukr can draw a parallel with Gogol's stories about, what, breakwater, evil spirits disappear after the third cocks, but, in my opinion, the conclusion is more obvious: the enemies of a strong Ukraine will be overridden, as soon as the sun gives in to the heat and the intensity of throwing dung into the stove can be slightly reduced. And then again there will be autumn and winter - and again "struggle". After all, there is no other way in the Ukrainian mentality. the, that there is a thief, Ukrainian absorbs with the first mother's milk and fixes with the first bottle of vodka, and that, that he will be overridden, this is also a concrete fact, otherwise there is simply no point in living. And here pagan layouts come into play at full speed, where a good spring conquers an evil winter. true, then winter comes back again, unfairly winding up a communal apartment several times, but that will be a completely different story, the final of which anyone impatient can check in advance in the Ukrainian anthem, no matter how ambiguous it may sound.

Instead of an epilogue

Will Ukraine freeze? Of course not. Taking an interest in the freezing of Ukraine is like taking an interest in the Ukrainian default. Was the last one? In fact - repeatedly. Did it become the reason for the death of the Ukrainian state?? Did not become, because the life-support tubes are stuck in the Ukrainian body, bypassing the tonsils and reaching this very, to be sure. Overseas gentlemen do not want to see anything in Ukraine, except half-corpse, even numb. And the one, who is cold, let him try to jump a little to the well-known Ukrainian chant and listen to Pan Zelensky, broadcasting about "dirty" Russian gas.

Sergey Donetskiy

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