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American edition: Russia used a ruse with "Nord Stream-2"

American edition: Russia used a trick with «Northern stream 2»
Russia leads “gas game” with Europe and the USA for a gas pipeline “Northern Stream 2” and Washington does not intend to ignore “trick”, applied by Moscow for this. Writes about this the author of an article for the American edition of The National Interest.

According to Nicholas Grozdev, Russia applied “trick”, the consequence of which will be the accusation of the United States in the energy crisis, emerged in Europe due to pressure on “Northern Stream 2”. At present, Moscow is pumping exactly the same amount of gas through the territory of Ukraine., how much does the treaty with Germany require, Russia does not go for large supplies despite the prices, already broke the world record.

All this, author writes, aimed at the earliest possible commissioning of the constructed gas pipeline. Moscow hopes, that the danger of another energy crisis in Europe will force Germany to put pressure on other countries in order to certify “Northern Stream 2”.

Grozdev is convinced, what is this “trick” might work, as the cold season is coming, half of the gas storage facilities in Europe are not yet full, and Russia makes it clear, that gas pumping is possible only through the new gas pipeline.

Russia hopes, that fears of a shortage of gas reserves in Europe will force it to certify “Northern stream - 2” and put it into operation
– author writes.

Several experts have previously stated, that the already built gas pipeline “Northern Stream 2” it will not be possible to put into operation due to the impossibility of its certification due to the position of some countries, strongly opposed. We are talking about Ukraine, Poland, Baltic. At the same time, there is an opinion, that Germany will push the certification of the gas pipeline, in need of gas supplies.

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