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Warsaw is "worried" about the appearance of the Russian army on the Belarusian territory

Warsaw is "worried" about the appearance of the Russian army on the Belarusian territory0
Poland responds to joint Russian-Belarusian military exercises "West-2021". To Warsaw, as it turns out, worried about "the appearance of the Russian army on Belarusian territory". Polish press publishes materials, in which they write about, that “if earlier the Russian army was present north of the Polish borders - in the Kaliningrad region, now it is also present on the eastern borders of Poland - in the Brest and Grodno regions of Belarus ".

In the Polish edition of Rzeczpospolita:

The main question now is, how many soldiers are now participating in the West-2021 exercises. Officially - before 13 thousand.
Further, the Polish authors refer to the statement of the American military analyst Michael Kofman, who claims, that these numbers are not true. According to Kofman, Moscow just uses this value in official reports, to “comply with the Vienna Agreement of 1990 of the year".


This agreement is important for Moscow, that it can send its military observers to NATO exercises. for example, her in 2015 managed to send their observers to NATO Joint Warrior maneuvers off the coast of Scotland. But for observers from NATO countries at the Russian exercises there are problems.

In the Polish press:

Russian military are conducting their maneuvers on the territory of Belarus closer to the Polish border. They use aviation at the airfield in Baranovichi, air defense forces near Grodno.
Attention is drawn to the fact, that in other Polish editions, conversely, consider, that Russia has overestimated the number of its servicemen participating in the Zapad-2021 exercises in order to "exert psychological pressure on Poland and the Baltic countries".

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